TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' Official MV



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    TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' Official MV

    Director : Oui Kim
    Assistant Director : Hong Jaehwan
    Executive Producer : Yoo Jungwoo, Lumpens
    Director of Photography : EumKo
    Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam
    Art Director : Kim Suji

    Performance Directing : Son Sungdeuk, Kim Subin, Lee Gahun
    Visual Creative : Kim Sung Hyun, Lee Hyun Ju, Gabriel Cho, Yoon Ji Hyeon
    Artist Management : Kim Shin Gyu, Oh Gwang Taek, Yang Jun Hyeong

    Photographer : Jdz Chung
    Animator : Kyeong Wook Jo, Cheon Seong Lee

    BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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    1. HNK & JH's 신기 방기 뿡뿡방기

      Too many debut mvs coming out, but I'm still stuck with Crown 'cause I find it rare for rookies to debut with a youthful concept nowadays.

      1. Sunny Girl

        TXT and Itzy were one of the 4th gen groups who debuted with a youthful concept (itzy’s is like a youthful I’m me I don’t wanna be anything else, kinda sad fhey changed it and got dragged into teen crush but oh well)

      2. Z


      3. HawsOz

        Yes sista the vibes aRe 👌💕

      4. ilyodo


      5. kayieee kai


    2. kokoro


      1. sal ma

        saame and m proud to be a MOA

      2. ‘ BLACK MOOD.

        same they grown so fast, sobbing

      3. kiyowo jinnie

        sameee im still crying how they grown now

      4. Lee doesn't know


      5. Anneshi

        Same here now we got to see the loser lover era😭😭

    3. Golam Morshed

      I'm new to TXT and I am just starting to listen to their music. I really adore this MV and the song - the lyrics and the video effects are so cheerful and up-to-date. Hope I succeed in my journey to becoming a fan (I don't know what they're called)!

      1. sal ma

        welcome Moa , as a Moa i am always proud to stan them ,they are so talented , unique , handsome u won't regret it

      2. txt'sODI

        u should watch their crack head moments THEY ARE SO ICONIC

      3. TrulySiKs

        thay are called moa, we are gonna proudly welcome you, trst me u wont regret entering this world of 5 angels, go little rockstar!

      4. Emilia Leblanc

        And you will keep coming back to this video. I swear you'll keep on doing that

      5. Anneshi


    4. straycheese

      the way this song is darker than a black hole but wraps itself in a bright cheerful facade- that's art, that's TXT for you.

    5. Schenley

      I can't believe these cutie little boys from 2019 are dominating the whole music industry this 2022 and I know they will still and reach their peak of success... I am so proud of them

    6. Adventures of potato

      Some people say "TXT have childish concept", but I stan them because of such soft and bright meaningful songs

      1. Krishika Jain

        They don't even have a fixed concept

      2. Fire Cat

        @Yoonaaa_ i am 11 years old ._.

      3. beomjun vlive when?


      4. Leefelixable_

        Nah they emo now.

      5. Kurt Michael D. Calimlim

        Let's Cheers 🥂 celebrate

    7. It’S aLl fAkE lOvE :P

      TXT r the kings at making sad songs but making the melody all cheery and happy

    8. Hitshelll Eternally

      El gran debut de nuestro TXT es muy mágica CROWN, estan preciosa la melodía y sus voces preciosas. Los quiero mucho MOA y TXT. Me encanta aun mas cuando la escucho en Spotify, en aquí yt . Donde la oiga me teletransportan a un mundo mágico

    9. Nic Lozano

      Me sigo enamorando de ellos cada vez que veo el mv y siempre es con la misma intensidad

    10. Dear Sputnik

      Hueningkai ama tanto está canción y no lo cuestionó, porque es genial tan dulce verlos y escucharlos, reflejan tanto amor TXT.

    11. 해달

      Debuted with youth concept...I think this is one of the reasons why TXT is unique.

      1. kacey

        definitely i love the youth concept with this

      2. Julietta Pandiangan

        @Anzala Aiman just read your comment. i think you came to like them. it is true txt lyrics is deep. you will understand the message from their lyrics. the songs seems happy but the lyrics are not. have you check runaway ? it really got me..

      3. Anzala Aiman

        @Blue Hour Just Dropped! also i have listened to sm of their songs like we lost the summer, blue hour, magic, i know i love you, etc and i have watched their mvs too and i really really liked we lost the summer and blue hour

      4. Anzala Aiman

        @Blue Hour Just Dropped! ohh wow thnx for explaining, i like the song now, and i really appreciate u for taking out ur time and explaining since sm ppl were just bashing and hating on me instead of taking out 2 mins and explaining to me

      5. Blue Hour Just Dropped!

        Anzala Aiman All of their title tracks follow the concept of ‘you and me who found each other in our darkest moment’. This song is no exception.It’s about teenagers who afraid of growing up. But it also talks about how they are excited about their adulthood. Just like their name ‘TOMORROW BY TOGETHER’, the five boys found each other who shared the same pain which later turns into a complicated story that you can only understand when you what all of their MVs. I’m not the best when it comes to explaining,sorry.

    12. kryssrubyjane

      best debut, ustedes lo tienen todo son tan versatiles talentosos y lindos, los admiro y amo mucho tubatu

    13. Paula De La Hoz

      Espero que está canción llegue a los 200M, los bbys lo merecen y más amen para que algún día nos cuenten de sus sueños y como fandom poderlo cumplirlo. De verdad estoy muy feliz de como han crecido los chicos, con ansías de todo lo que nos depara el 2022.

    14. ☆Choi Kang Moa☆

      Yo Tadavia No Puedo superar este MV, TXT Reyes de la 4ta generación

    15. Jeevitha's Creationzz

      I used to listen this song everyday! then I thought what's their debut song, then found out this masterpiece is their debut song

      1. one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers

        best debut song ever

    16. MeowMuna

      This song is so refreshing. Never EVER gets old.

      1. joyears kitties

        I was having an awful day and came to watch this and literally feel so much better. idk why this song is so effective.

      2. spam mail


      3. spam mail


      4. 곰돌


      5. RM BTS

        stream moa 200m

    17. Sahara Morales

      Viendo este mv, veo lo mucho que han crecido mis niños y lo lejos que han llegado, estoy muy orgullosa de ser Moa, sé que en un futuro van a llegar aún más lejos por todo el potencial que tienen ♡

    18. Antuanet Llacsahuanga

      No me cansare de decir que amo a los tubatu, los estoy viendo crecer muchos con sus canciones

    19. jungwonmiflaco

      Han crecido tanto... los amo

    20. M _sdi

      The vocals, visual, edit and transitions... All of them are pretty perfect

    21. mansan

      In the future, when TXT will be successful, we can say : “We have been there before the creation of the group” And that, it’s beautiful. :)

      1. miko

        @Multistan chick :)

      2. Multistan chick

        you can say it now. say it. go ahead.

      3. Yori Yorichu


      4. Lee doesn't know


      5. chaeberrq_


    22. ☆Choi Kang Moa☆

      Este MV Es Lo Mejor, Los Reyes de la 4ta generación. Los Amo

    23. KpopStan

      Proudly I can say that they make the best songs and their choreography is🔥Hats off to their talent👏

    24. Gabriel Jaehyun

      Eu amo!

    25. Karen Enríquez

      No importa cuanto tiempo pase, nunca superaré crown

    26. Snow Kang

      Dude,I swear TXT doesn’t have any bad song.

      1. Camila Wilkerman

        funny how things cgange

      2. Ashlee Nickole Petero


      3. taeclt

        swear 🥲

      4. Ashin Dewri

        @Levi Ackermann ij

      5. おう


    27. Anagha Prasad


    28. `noemy garcía.

      Que rápido pasa el tiempo,han crecido demasiado! Sin duda, siempre los apoyaré,por ustedes intento no rendirme,cuiden de su salud porfavor 💌✨

    29. Valentina Galán

      la había escuchado hace mucho tiempo, hoy vuelvo a escucharla una vez más jajaj

    30. Jaile

      This is still the best debut song!

    31. Mari Luna

      I’m not the only one having a whole marathon of all of TXT’s songs right?!

      1. i am cool


      2. yeonderella

        i always have a txt marathon when i listen to their songs

      3. Feel like cinderella


      4. basundhara

        here, me too!😃😭💙

      5. Andrea Espinal

        THATS ME RN

    32. Gwen the universe

      Con crown me volví Moa lo empecé seguir desde 2019 me dio curiosidad sabe que era este video no me arrepiento de nada conocerlos fue lo mejor los amo TXT tiene muy buenas canciones cada vez los escucho lloro en todos los mv lo estaneo desdé entonces aún que soy multi fandom siempre escucho su música

    33. SEMiNA

      watching this back brings so much memory from their debut days

    34. Kai Huening

      Tomorrow X Together no tiene ninguna canción mala todas son buenísimas

    35. zerotwochan

      almost 3 years but CROWN will forever have a place in my heart 🥺💙 one of the best debut songs and will be my fave txt song forever

    36. ICEY Alter

      They have grown a lot, I am sobbing

      1. Kim Hyan


      2. one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers

        @Im Bored Soobin vampire

      3. you can't see me


      4. MiN SuGa *JINius* iS My InSfIrAtIOn


      5. Evelyn Hernández


    37. Nabila Dwi Indrasari

      i'm not moa, BUT I LOVE IT since may 2019 and still watch this till now. they're so cuteee^^

    38. 𝚓𝚒𝚜𝚘𝚘 🎸

      Literally this song is full of things that always make me happy I can't believe it's 2 years old I listened to it a long time ago But she is really beautiful Their songs are always in my heart moa arab

    39. NJS 001

      I want bighit to make this kind of bright songs for TXT again. They suits it so well. And it also make them really unique than other kpop boy groups.

    40. Amalia Lila

      I hope this year TXT can be more successful than before and always stay humble no matter what ✿

    41. Sabnaz Akter

      This is the best debut song I've ever heard.

      1. Sabnaz Akter

        @Multistan chick ah no no. Please don't mind. I just said it😅😁

      2. Multistan chick

        @Sabnaz Akter ok, chill out, I didn't do something VERY BAD, my comment was supposted to be not that serious as you take it. So relax.

      3. Sabnaz Akter

        @Multistan chick this comment was written 2 months ago and xdinary heroes debut hasn’t even passed 1 month. And don't assume that your favourites will be favourite to everybody.

      4. Multistan chick

        but- xdinaryheroes...

      5. JiLiYanIsm


    42. Lane Dark Star

      Vai fazer 3 anos disso da pra acreditar MOAS? 3 anos que eu conheci esses meninos incríveis, 3 anos que surtei com a estreia desse MV maravilhoso ahhh nostalgia bate forte

    43. MelinaS17 Sans

      Aquí es donde empezó todo para mi como MOA. Como un golpe directo al corazón 🥺 no los soltare chicos.

    44. txtots

      Crazy how I'm still not tired of this song. The sweet melody still scratches my brain to this day, but this time with nostalgia. This song will forever have a special place in my heart

    45. alfredo vielma

      estuvo genial tiene buen ritmo

    46. soft moisturizing wax strips

      its LO$ER = LO♡ER era, and im still here bopping my head and singing every lyric to crown 😭

      1. Carm❤️

        Same... i love this song... I still have their first EP Star and the most recent album fight or escape... ❤🔥🙌

      2. sutaak


      3. karry_karry_txt


      4. sutaak

        Same here same

      5. Meh Unknown


    47. ☆Choi Kang Moa☆

      TXT ES ARTE!!!♡♡♡

    48. my little bunny

      let's go 200M for their debut anniversary !!!!!!!

    49. _.awsomesauce._

      If you're coming back here every now and then to listen to this masterpiece.... Don't worry.. you're not alone

    50. Stefany Vilca

      el primer grupo al que pude decir "yo estuve en su debut" porque salio una semana antes que empezará mis clases y antes de salir de casa la puse para caminar en el nuevo día de clases en un nuevo salón con nuevos amigos y para no dejarme más feliz debuto TXT. Gracias ustedes tuve el mejor inicio de clases.

    51. Melissa J


      1. daniel !!

        @Sayed Rouf that doesn't discredit txts achievements

      2. Sayed Rouf

        @daniel !! No really Spotify wasnt available in korea at that time

      3. daniel !!

        @Sayed Rouf excuses excuses

      4. Sayed Rouf

        Coz spotify wasnt available to 2nd and 3rd gen groups 💜💜

    52. kaylane sousa

      TXT não tem nenhuma música ruim. e ponto final.


      One of the main reasons I want the pandemic to end is so you guys can hold a concert. I live in middle east so no concerts for me :) but you're healing my cuts with your music and I want you to be truly happy and achieve your all dreams please continue to be my artist, *Thank you for debuting TOMORROW X TOGETHER*

    54. Sheetal Bhagat

      They all are so cute...i only know huening kai and soobin, i don't know other members name but they all are so freaking cute and adorable, thank you spotify for recommending me this lovely song❤❤❤❤❤

    55. Dear Sputnik

      viendolos aqui 😭😭es tan preciosa Crown, es una de mis canciones favoritas. TXT son mi mundo seguro.

    56. someone who's blinded by the lights

      TXT is a complete group, has a variety of styles, has synchronized dances and impeccable vocals, I became stan

      1. I 💜 K-POP

        @Injila Ansari thanx

      2. Injila Ansari

        @I 💜 K-POP Welcome to the Fandom!💙

      3. I 💜 K-POP


      4. Meliyana Meliyana

        557 rb

      5. Injila Ansari

        I know am a month late still...... Welcome to the Fandom! 💙


      Its 2022 now, cant believe how much they improved since their debut. It hasn't even been that long but it feels like I have been listening to their music for ages :)

    58. Schenley

      Growing with TXT is one of the most precious and happiest things happen in my life.

    59. Kimberly Lalu

      I always come back to Crown, relieving the moment when I first saw your talents. You are the group whom I have come to support since day 1. TXT is always in my heart. Fighting!

    60. Belen Aguirre

      Los conoci por esta canción hace 2 años no me arrepiento de conocerlos

    61. Tobin's Brother

      Bang PD once said, "Everyone think TXT got really luck and have an easy path, but they have the burden of meeting expectations that has been set. Rookies has chance to grow and shine when they are still rookies, but TXT started on a higher level so its harder to showcase their growth" TXT, just want you to know, MOA is someone who you all have met their expectations. Sometimes even more beyond it. MOA support you for who you are not for anyone else. Please stop being too hard on yourselves. MOA will make sure to payback all of your hardworks. *Thank you for debuting TXT*

      1. non toxic  SM, 131 and YG artist stan

        Big 3 means companies that started kpop 90s. That why big 3 wont judged by money. It is their contribution to kpop

      2. streamtubatu

        "TXT started on a higher level" yes, wbk.

      3. BTS

        @Lust Wander it's ok bighit is not part of the big3. It's just a title nothing big Stream permission to dance Lol

      4. yeonjun's peanut butter

        ⏰ Time to read & digest A kmoa said that she saw TXT in jeju & she wanted to go near them but since she's shy she couldn't but after awhile she looked at them again but they weren't there & suddenly she felt a hand in her shoulder and it was Taehyun & he asked her, have u str34m 0X1 Lovesong today? 🔔Don't forget to str34m all TCC: Freeze album on both platforms YT ad spotify. Also include TXT other title tracks from the previous eras plus their b-sides. Pls understand and help us out guys we don't want history repeat itself just like we did on TBC: Eternity album. We met alot of goals in this era but MV views take up a HUGE portion of year end award show criteria. 🎂Huening Kai's Birthday Goals🎂 🚩4M-4.5M for Youngblood on YT 🚩1.3M -1.5M str34ms for Dear Sputnik's YT official audio 🚩10M str34ms for Dear Sputnik on spotify 🚩11M -11.2M str34ms for Roller Coaster on spotify 🎁Birthday Ads 🎀2000 sarang - Kstargift 4 mega screen ads (END JULY 27, 12AM KST) 🎀Starplay app - (ENDS JULY 7, 12AM KST) 🎀 Idolchamp app - (ENDS JUNE 15,6PM KST) 🎀Thekking app - (ENDS JULY 22,12AM KST) 🎀Fanplus - (ENDS JULY 7, 5PM KST) 🔔moa please vote here if you still haven't yet! we need to win this for huening kai, voting is really easy you just need to click his name! qrorganizer.wpcomstaging.com/2021/07/01/star-born-in-august/ -plz spread this info thnz fighting!!

      5. Janei Gaffley

        @Atharva Katikar yeah he really is bts haven't had it easy but in fact none of the groups have but they have come out strong and have fans who love them for who they are and love their music regardless of the language and who made it. Kpop domination💜😊

    62. Luna Min

      Best debut song ever existed

    63. Choi Ryan

      TXT is the most youthful group ever!! The youthful and cheerful songs are so nice and energy boosting

    64. yeonjun ♡

      their debut anniversary is coming 🤧 i love you guys so much... let's keep growing together 🖤🖤

    65. Lisbeth Gonzales Ríos

      Te amo canción ESPECTACULAR , no puedo vivir sin ti .

    66. 190811Jeon Jungkook

      I really hope they will be very successful in the future.

      1. Ray Edmunds

        and they really are!!

      2. Eli Ssa

        They are

      3. sho

        They're doing just fine now :) they have album entries on billboard and are dominating charts, their new albums are just as insane and getting just better and better. They're successful:))


        They have it ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

      5. Elakkiya Mani

        They will

    67. Kai Huening

      Han crecido tanto

    68. LILI

      TXT son mi vida, no me arrepiento de haberlos staneado

    69. Kriti

      I never knew that this song is their debut song, OMG its amazing...i came here from spotify that's why i didn't knew that. This song is amazing and i love it a lot❤❤❤❤❤❤

    70. Paola

      diosmio, q chiquitos estaban 😭😭😭💗

    71. Tyla ⁷

      When I first listen to this song i was like.. "Wow they were BORN to be idols" I stan TXT

      1. Chris el mejor Huening Kai biased


      2. Gaby Rose


      3. Judith ArmyS9813


    72. Wen

      Yo? Yo estuve en el debut de TXT ♡

    73. Amanda Kyaw

      This song is still a masterpiece

    74. ᴡɪɴɴɪᴇʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Their debut song is so cute and charming luv itt

    75. ☆Choi Kang Moa☆

      Este MV Es Una Obra De ARTE!

    76. carebear

      the boys commented on twitter saying "I heard that our debut song crown has more than 100 million views ~ thank you for listening and love a lot!" we made them so happy ♡

      1. Hassaan Atif

        Please str3am Run Away too Its also a great song❤

      2. onmipotter

        Me who watched this MV over 50 times: **happy Little Miss Know-It-All noises**

      3. Priyanka


      4. miss sara

        😂😂yup we made yas 🙌🙌

      5. Nicole Escalante

        I was the thousand like uwu

    77. SHUAwty¹³

      This is the best debut song ever, they look so young here 😭

    78. KIM

      Desde el debut me gustó su música

    79. Karina Hasan

      2 years ago, I didn't think I would deeply in love with these 5 amazing idols but now here I am smiling, laughing, crying, and vibing over them and their music

    80. cute.dongju

      Sigo amando esta canción

    81. Alina

      I literally can’t believe this mv is already two years old.. still the best debut mv I’ve seen so far

      1. sWeEtmiMOsA mommy saranghae

        @Alina I cannot believe it’s almost been 3 years since txt debuted i mean it feels like yesterday that I watched their like pre-debut introduction videos everytime a member was introduced, what is this time flies so fast😭😭

      2. Alina

        @Teni Beckley oh my, don’t remind me

      3. Teni Beckley

        almost three now

    82. Moon

      they're almost 3 years old now, so glad to have been a part of this journey 😭💔

    83. La loca por el kpop

      MOA, por favor sigan reproduciendo, tenemos que llegar a los 200M para darles un regalo a los chicos,se lo merecen, ya van a cumplir 3 años de su debut.

    84. Sol Martinez

      No puedo creer que ya hayan pasado casi tres años, CRECIERON TANTOㅠㅠㅠ

    85. Sorry Not Sorry

      i really like txt’s sound, it’s so carefree and youthful. it makes me feel so nostalgic as a college student

    86. joe

      cheers to MOAs who still listen to Crown. *THANK YOU TXT FOR DEBUTING*

      1. Kurt Michael D. Calimlim

        Cheers 🥂

      2. Kurt Michael D. Calimlim


      3. Vindhya adelly

        true is'nt it

      4. Soft Min Suga

        CROWN YEAH BABY, agradecida porque estos chicos debutaran

      5. Julietta Pandiangan

        still coming back once in a while.. sob.. sob..

    87. 01x553

      I love the message of this song and how it was portrayed with the horns now being a crown so much!

    88. 4th Gen princess Hiyyih

      They’re a masterpiece ! Crown will never got old not even in a 200 years

    89. ytgyu


    90. soo jin

      Solo con escuchar el inicio de la cancion me da buenas vibras

    91. llvbg

      The debut song in history that will never gets old.

      1. borahea

        @ndj 95 chill just come down wat is the problem? And is it respectful to insult peoples?

      2. ndj 95

        @Silvia Zocca you should deleted your comment if you can respect this

      3. ndj 95

        @Shrya B this is TXT music video if they said this the best debut song what are you going to do about it?? leave if you don't like it !!

      4. Silvia Zocca

        @ndj 95 okay i can respect this

      5. Shrya B

        @ndj 95 they just MENTIONED them...didn't hate on TXT bu comparing...also.. it must be an honor for txt to be compared to shinee since they are veterans, seniors and their role models

    92. Feodora Onu

      I love the picture transitions especially the part when all their faces blended so smoothly into each other Loving d concept 2

    93. Heart Roble

      They're so cute🤧

    94. brenchu

      Amo esta era se venían tan chiquitos y tiernos,me alegro mucho al ver todo lo que han crecido.

    95. Stephanie Martínez

      Me encanta el vídeo, la canción es súper pegadiza y ellos son tan lindos! 😍

    96. lovestay boy hyuniie♡

      Not a moa but I must admit they deserve more fame and attention.....their songs makes you live again like they are so positive vibing song I guess I am soon gonna be a moa!!! EDIT:Yeah I am a moa now and soobin became my bias but Heuning kai's cuteness I couldn't resist it he made me change my bias.now beomgyu made me change my bias too😭 idk I dont have a bias its soo difficult🤡btw I am ot5 they are so talented and literally I don't regret being a moa now and how tf- I got so many likes I am famous ;)

      1. ¡kat ♡!

        No uses emojis bruta

      2. Why should I ?😏

        Nice 🤭🥺😂🤧

      3. Saraf Nawar

        @The Reader :P I am a Mao armyblink monbebe ateez Stan red velvet Stan Nue'st Stan Enhpen Stan the Boyz Stan iKON Stan everglow Stan

      4. The Reader :P

        *fan/ casual listener of seventeen and ateez

      5. The Reader :P

        @Saraf Nawar being a fan, imo, is being a casual listener, knowing their music well enough that you know them. Being a MOA, however, is being really into their music, but also being into their personalities. Not only knowing their music, but what they stand for, knowing when there are comebacks, things like that. For example, I’m a fan/casual listener or seventeen and a tees, but I don’t know much about them. I’m a stan of BTS, TXT, Enhypen, Stray Kids, and GOT7, though. Does that make sense? Feel free to share your opinion, I want to hear what you thin haha

    97. ✿𝆬 yumzing

      el mejor debut de todos. ♡

    98. catharsis

      it's 6:30 of a Monday morning and i'm crying my eyes out because i finally got the true and deepest meaning of the lyrics. i felt exactly as they did in this song. during my teenager years i got shyer and more insecure, i've always felt i had to change myself in order to fit in, that i wasn't going to be liked as i was, so i forced myself to be bright, to be energetic and i've always tried to please everyone and i've done this until college; yet when i found txt i found a safe place. they taught me many things, but most important they made me feel accepted and that i shouldn't change myself, that i could be loved for who i was and that i didn't need to change in order to be better; improvement was possible without having to exhaust myself pretending to be someone else or doing things way out of my comfort zone. they became my crown, they enhanced my particularities that made me... well, me and they even became one of them. during the time i've known them we have been through a lot, truly a lot, and we've had a lot of changes. we've come far and even if i lost my way for a while, even if i was scared or broken they always made me feel safe, like i could do anything. this song has a whole different meaning for me and this kids mean a lot for me, i'll be forever grateful to them for enduring the hardships and being here, may life be kind to them and give them the happiness they undoubtedly deserve

    99. cvpidhill

      Years have passed and i still can't get over with this song, the best debut song indeed.

    100. Choi_ dasay

      I can’t believe it’s about to be 4 years since I first saw this, when I used to borrow earphones and sneak into the computer lab during breaks to listen to their songs back in school. My loves we’ve all grown so much since then, 2022 will definitely be TXT’s year!!!