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    fromis_9 (프로미스나인) [Midnight Guest] Highlight Medley

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    1. Benj Vergara

      Manifesting this comeback to be their most successful ever. Their visuals and discography is great so them being this underrated is undeservedt

      1. Vara

        And I came from the future to tell you that these wishes becomes true! ❤️

      2. Juany Santos


      3. CelebIGLives

        Let’s hope for it to be their most successful in comparison to their previous efforts and let’s hope for them to continually doing better than their last best! 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯

      4. Just Fath!

        Hopefully, let's rising fromis_9

      5. lexi ines

        @Jorge Yayyy!

    2. 모르는지

      진짜 왜 눈물 날거 같지,,,, 울 언니들,,,, 다 행복해야해,,,알게찌요,,,노래 넘무 좋아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ긓르ㅡ프흐규ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ수록곡 까지 다 조아ㅠㅠㅠ끄흐브후ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ울 공주들 너무 고생했어요 사랑해ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

      1. 찰과상타박상두부외상성능좋은응디

        노붕이 반갑노 이기

      2. 화성왕자김마스

        이분이 플로버인게 ㄹㅈㄷ

      3. sujan rina

        진짜 공주들 이번활동도 잘 하자❤!!! 쇼케 너무 기다려져ㅠㅠ

      4. ᅵ

        와 캬 파

      5. 응카응카므애앵

        같이 오래오래 덕질해요 모르는지님!!!

    3. fromistube

      If everything isn't based on popularity, fromis_9 could have won artist of the year, album of the year, and song of the year, they deserve a lot recognition for their talent.

      1. So What?

        Talk and Talk wasn’t it but WE GO deserved every award imaginable

      2. kp1rg_-



        I definitely agree with you

      4. Rizal Salim


      5. mei


    4. rifki ryandra

      Really thought “My Little Society” to be their strongest releases but this one proves me wrong. Fromis_9, let’s walk on the flowery path only.

      1. 바보Queen

        they really keep outdoing themselves

    5. yashii

      i wanttt to staaan them if ever they will be my first girl group to stan fully 😭

    6. doja cat


    7. 10 pristin 10

      track 5 is composed by shannon! she's a former pristin member and has worked on mulgogi and airplane mode for fromis :)

    8. T01

      Really glad they didn't change the vocal production, they're raw vocals and tone are supreme.

      1. aegyosal_shua

        well you don't really hear vocal processing in nuest songs, and in svt songs unless vernon wanted to and unless the song needs it so you can rest assure like literally out of svt's 130+ songs (150 counting jp versions and repacks), i'd say only HIGHLIGHT, Rocket, Getting Closer, HIT, and GAM3 BO1 had some sort of autotune

    9. Nabong

      Fromis_9 is growing. They're already grown-up this is not their typical genre. I love seeing them grow. Fighting Fromis_9!

    10. قناة الرعب The horror


      1. Jeon doudou

        وهون كمان موجود😭

      2. Ade A.P

        Never thought people from middle east listen to this kind of music. Well i guess everyday we learn something new.

    11. sugaarush

      I really want to know fromis_9 more. Cant wait for the new song! I'm rooting for you girls, thank you for this masterpiece ❤️🤩

    12. []

      fromis_9's first real comeback under HYBE, (talk & talk was only a fan special track). I hope the future is bright for these girls, they deserve to be on top!

    13. Just someone

      Not a fan, not even a casual listener, but I can already tell I'm gonna love this album.

    14. oraclewyd

      everytime fromis has a new comeback they have a diff concept which makes me fall in love with them all over again. I love this group and all of the girls so much

    15. Ronmaker

      After what they went through, this set looks like expensive and finally they are getting the recognition that they should have got. Even tho ik our fandom is small but atleast it's growing.

    16. Lisa

      So happy we will have five new fromis_9 songs to add to our playlist soon! Their title tracks and albums are the best! Can’t wait.

    17. Rob Chang

      This album sounds AMAZING. Every. Single. Song. They're now in their full bloom mature phase and it's incredible.

      1. itriedmakingstuff


    18. LechonPark

      Hyped. So glad they didn't go down the cacophonic wubwubwub girlcrush route and kept close to the "retro-refresh" style of WE GO.

      1. aegyosal_shua

        pledis seems kinda weary of the crush hard-hitting concept. only after school and nuest's early stuff were like that. and svt only ever tried it once with fear and some b-sides. they also seem weary of the really cute bubble gum concepts unless it's extremely quirky like orange caramel's. so there's nothing to worry about fromis_9's concept at least for now. they could try in the future b-sides though. theyve done plenty of covers and hayoung can def do male-style choreos

    19. Helia

      I don’t know them and I just randomly clicked on it and OMG THEIR VISUALS

      1. Julian

        Visual_9 😍

      2. Secretnumber Fandom

        Lockey here for help flover

      3. imperial saint teacher

        Fyi they're fromis_9, gg from pledis ent

    20. 쿠키냠냠

      미쳤다 너무 좋다 ....... 진짜 이건 무조건 히트다 "이우민 with 프나" 는 레전드다

    21. JoceLYN - 조슬린

      cantik banget?!?!?!!? lagunya juga enak” banget! Comeback kali ini bakal pecah sii! Hwaiting fromis_9!!!

    22. Rae Lee

      I'm a fan of another Hybe group but got really intrigued by fromis 9 after they joined the company and was so impressed with the quality of their music. Really glad to see that quality only improving with this CB...I wish them the best! ☺️

      1. LunAria LoonAtic

        @Rae Lee I’m new moa!! :) I wish I stood them sooner. 2021 was there year though

      2. The K-Nerd

        @Rae Lee oh sorry the way you’re comment was phrased sounded like you meant that fromis had lackluster music quality before

      3. Rae Lee

        @The K-Nerd I'm fully aware of that...when did I suggest otherwise?

      4. Secretnumber Fandom

        Hybe family!

      5. The K-Nerd

        I mean they had quality music before joining hybe?

    23. Gabriel Nalom


    24. Ozcar

      Chaeyoung's unique voice really suit Escape Room. I cant wait to hear the whole album!!

    25. Deobi Deobi

      Fromis_9 song distrography full of gold

      1. drwin

        yeah distro,

      2. Angel Villarreal


      3. Rizal Salim


    26. Richard Hartono

      They really played their strengths in this mini album which are the catchyness of the instrumentals and their vocals. DM is already in my head. And it's only been 2 hours. How is that even possible?

    27. sᴘʀɪᴛᴇ

      True fact:everyone agree that Fromis_9 Is melting everyone’s heart with their comeback

      1. wiz*one forever

        @TAESTYKOOKIE they debuted around 2018

      2. Fromis Getwin


      3. Haziq Azhad

        @Siwo Honkai ahh yes

      4. Siwo Honkai

        @Haziq Azhad fyi fromis_9 officially join to pledis on August 16 2021 :V

      5. Haziq Azhad

        @TAESTYKOOKIE nope , they're under pledis for a long time

    28. # ييجي اللطيفهꨄ︎❥︎

      I love you. I wish you success with all my heart. Don't give up. Believe me, one day you will be one of the best teams

    29. Rizal Salim

      This is still fromis_9's style. Most of em will make you relax & calm. im happy their music getting mature in every comeback but the fromis_9's vibe is still there... 💯% love it :))

    30. 프롬러브

      노래들이 너무 좋다^^ 이번 앨범 대박^^

    31. Ozcar

      I already ordered both versions of this album! I knew it will sound great! Hoping for success of this comeback! FROMIS FIGHTING!

    32. 김성민

      온다… 진한 1위의 기운이 온다.. 진짜 후로미붐이 온다

    33. Ina Castro

      LET’S GO FROMIS9!!!! I love DM and Hush Hush already??? I need to listen to the songs immediately 😭😭😭

    34. milk


    35. talithanin

      I love how they change fromis_9's concept after all members are in legal age

    36. JJ JJ

      I can't wait for January 17th. This will be my first fromis_9 comeback. I liked all the songs on the old album and I think I will like all the songs on this new album too. Well basically fromis_9 don't have bad songs so it's not hard for me to like their songs.

    37. Laï

      i’ve witness how they started from cute concept into this elegant concept!! i’m so proud of these girls, i hope this comeback will be more successful than the previous ones. let’s work hard flovers! sending love from the Philippines

    38. —

      I started listening to fromis_9 because of the new years concert and i’m so in love with this teaser i can’t wait for the album to come out🥰✨❤️

    39. miorionz

      ¡ La belleza es la vela de la belleza ! Muchas gracias a todos por el apoyo hacia las chicas... Tengo muchas ganas de escuchar su álbum completo y muero por ver el MV, estaré atento

    40. 최연준

      이번 타이틀곡 기대된다 지금까지 타이틀곡 중에 제일 세련된듯 컨셉도 바뀌고 톡앤톡으로 케이블방송 1위 했으니 이번엔 지상파1위 가즈아! 후로미봄은 인제 시작이다~

    41. Lisa

      Preordered the set of both versions of the album today! Can’t wait for the MV and album to come out in the 17th!

    42. Antares

      Sounds very promising. Then again, Fromis_9 has never disappointed me with their comebacks. I hope this comeback make even more people discover them!

    43. svtdolly

      OBSESSED! it's absolutely perfect agaiiiinnn! Fromis and their no skip discography

    44. tv b


    45. foolmeg

      the b-sides are so exquisite I wish all of them were title tracks

    46. Miraculouspabu

      Oo I’m loving how these songs sound. And the girls look amazing as always

    47. 블로버 트둥이

      Let’s get them their 2nd win!

    48. 정승균

      우연한 계기로 새롬, 지원, 지선. 세분이 나오는 예능? 을 보고 꾸준히 좋아하게 되었고, 좋아하는 그룹과 비슷하게도 오랜기간 이후. 1위 하는 모습도 봐서 더욱 감동이였습니다. 이번 컴백 활동이 프로미스나인에게 전환점이 될 수 있는 뜻깊은 나날이 되기를 기원합니다.

    49. Earoll

      Oohhh songs are catchy.

    50. Myki Toki

      I'm super excited for this Album It's giving me major Kdrama OST vibes. THANKS PLEDIS FOR AN FROMIS_9 COMEBACK

    51. 인싸다

      명반이다!! 이건 무조건 사야돼

    52. Asel Moldabek

      their discography is great. i hope this comeback will bring them lots of success

    53. Aya

      fromis_9, a group with nine women, with talent beyond this world.

    54. 별안간신속히악령

      헐 타이틀이랑 허쉬허쉬... 너무 좋다 다른 노래들도 다 좋은 듯 ㅠ 노래 퀄리티 너무너무너무 더더 좋아진 것 같아서 내가 다 좋다... 프로미스나인 더 잘 되면 좋겠다 ❤️

    55. cheesy

      이번 컴백 대박난다..!!

    56. Description:

      진짜 어느컨셉이던 소화하네 너무 좋음

    57. I Can Has KPop

      Their visuals and vocals only get better with each comeback... incredible, this whole album is going to be SOLID GOLD!

    58. tyunnijel

      omg escape room is a total bop it matches their voice the most

    59. Rizwan Munir


    60. Renato Rodrigues

      Success girls, you deserve all the best

    61. ㅇㅇ

      프로미스나인은 데뷔때부터 소녀의 성장이 그대로 담겨있는 컨셉이라 좋음 유리구두에서 지금 컨셉 보니까 뭉클하네 컨셉 너무 찰떡이야

    62. 예슈화나

      프로미스나인 엄청 팬은 아니지만 그동안 노래들이 아예 생각이 안날정도로 너무나도 고퀄인 노래들과 찰떡 컨셉인듯.. 갠적으로 비주얼이 원탑인 그룹이라고 생각하는데 안떠서 너무 아쉬웠슴 하이브가 확실히 본업 하나는 기가 막히게 하는듯

      1. PoDoNaMu

        위고부터 진짜 급성장했네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

    63. roro 125

      😳💗All the songs are dazzling

    64. kiel

      컴백을 기다릴 수 없어! 컨셉이 떴다! 그리고 보컬과 비주얼까지! fromis_9 화이팅~

    65. JJIN

      타이틀 곡 DM이 doesn’t matter 줄임말인 동시에 인스타 dm 중의적 의미인걸까,,, 하라메 좋아서 노래가 기대되네요 👌🥳🔥

    66. Jean Rica Codera

      Omooooooo!!!! All these songs are bops 😍😍😍😍😍 It is indeed a non-skippable album. I cant waaaaaaaaait 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    67. Simo khouribga

      Formis_9 is gonna win everyone's hearts this comeback!

      1. Evy


    68. milk


    69. bubilidubi

      I want them to succeed so bad..

    70. GG GL

      타이틀 넘좋다

    71. noodlezip

      kalo mv/teaser udah keluar, jangan lupa streaming Flo, percaya gk comeback kali ini bakal pecah bgtt, let's streaming!!

    72. Amaliah N

      They all look so pretty, elegant, look like expensive lady. I love the vibes of this album so much!! Hope they can get many trophies this time!

    73. mahoraga

      본진 굿즈 때문에 텅장 사정이 좋지 않지만 프로미 앨범 구입하길 잘 했다. 새벽 감성 돋는 세련된 사운드들 완전 취향 저격! 프로미스나인 대박나라!

    74. ap Elliott

      드디어 뜨겠구나....ㄷㄷ 방향을 너무 잘잡은듯

    75. daniel Yang

      오~~타이틀 곡 좋네요...고음 파트의 멜로디가 좋네요..대박 가즈아 ~~~🤑

    76. 여산송하빵

      이번 앨범도 역시나 버리는 곡없이 퀄리티 미췄따!!~~ 앨범 초동판매 신기록 가즈아!!~~

    77. Stan Talent only

      The amount of charisma,vocals,visuals and talent here is just insane making me fall in love again. Can't waaait for this omg 😭 Thank you for existing girls and y'all need to STAN FROMIS_9!🤝❤

      1. LunAria LoonAtic

        Yes! Love you saying that with a Loona pfp

      2. Johana Samayoa


    78. 모찌모찌

      너무 좋아

    79. 별하나에프나

      이건 명반이야 일주일동안 계속 들어야겠다

    80. twice1er collab when


    81. Nan Verdeen

      I already love all their songs. Especially the 1st, 3rd, 4th, songs. No, I mean... all of them I can't choose 😭

    82. 느낌이좋아I_got_you

      전부 다 느낌 미쳐따.. 후.. 언제 전곡 듣냐고 ㅠ0ㅠ 17일 눈치 있으면 빨리 오라고

    83. Fromis Getwin

      Fromis_9 is never dissappointing

    84. Jiyuan Dong

      their sound has matured so much

    85. Phương Huyền Đỗ

      Every songs are so adorable. fromis_9 members have perfect voice.


      HYBE always have their great artists as their Idols even girls are not least from boy groups..!!

      1. Ayaa


    87. Achmadd

      The girlies never disappoint me


      todas son muy guapas pero no puedo con la belleza de Nagyoung es impresionante

    89. 재야자객

      엄청난 완성도의 향기가 느껴지는군요.

    90. Mindy Y

      I'm so new to them! Found them during the Talk & Talk era, but I'm excited for another comeback :,) And definitely getting their album ;)

    91. lord arpvc

      fromis 9 concepts are maturing now. i'm sure their ratings and popularity will increase drastically after this one

      1. Sean Lo

        I mean their album pre orders have "fourpled"(if that's even a word) compared to their last album.

    92. Christian Psalms

      Um… so, fromis_9 honestly doesn’t know how to do bad music! The term “bad music” does not exist for them! They said, this era = “QUALITY MUSIC”! I’m here for it! I’m 100% here for it!

    93. 이호영

      부디 대박나길 바랍니다👍

    94. Jiwon Miwo⁸

      It's what fromis_9 does! They hype you up and then the songs are always even better than what you are hype for!!! ♡♡♡

      1. Soberano Dranem Klyn

        found you here LOL😂

    95. Greed

      I've been a casual fan ever since their debut but these past couple comebacks are slowly pulling me in harder and harder and I gotta say, this might be my favorite yet. They just keep getting better and better every time 😭

    96. chloe

      Could definitely see why they’re excited for this comeback. Aside from the gorgeous concept they decided on the songs ,based from the medley, just shows how the whole album will definitely give us different song masterpieces that everyone could enjoy. Im so proud of these girls 🤍 can’t wait for release!

      1. chloe

        If you come across this, check out their whole discography! You will definitely love and enjoy it

    97. loony

      Please agree with me that this must be their best album.

    98. Yu4bbie New

      와 이번 앨범 사운드 너무 세련됐다. 완전 취향저격인데 한 곡도 빠짐없이.

    99. Songmi TV

      This sounds so rich like all these songs will be bops!

    100. 로빈

      대박나자 프로미들~