BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV



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    BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV

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    1. emma_nuella

      4 years and I’ll never stop talking about how good this song is. 500M soon. Update: we got to 500M!

      1. Jennifer Carver

        Me neither

      2. BTS 4EVER

        ARMY we can get it 700M plzzz😘 this song deserve more😘

      3. Shaista Shah

        Now it's 635 Million 💜

      4. Beluga Jr


      5. Bangtan

        700M soon

    2. BTS MUSIC_R yu

      “We write our own lyrics, so our songs reflect 100% of our character.” - Min Yun-gi

      1. Lourdes Murat

        Min Yoongi*

    3. abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

      스타일.댄스.언제나처럼 방탄 소년에게는 모든 것이 훌륭했습니다.

      1. lu e fer


      2. lu e fer

        Jungkook Love you

      3. Ana Paula 😊


      4. ᴋᴏᴏᴋ


      5. cafezin s2

        ❤ amo bts

    4. omc

      Vamos por esos 700M ARMY los chicos hicieron una obra de arte wow es que vaya como amo esta canción en verdad me transmite tantos sentimientos y me lleva a muchos recuerdos me encanta

    5. ZEHA (제하)

      "Yesterday is history" "Tomorrow is a mystery" "Today is a gift" "That's why it's called present" "Let's get Save ME to 700M Views"

      1. Manas Kumar Rout

        We have the power, we can also make it to 1billion!

      2. Gacha Wolf

        I think this song should have more than 700M views

      3. Summer DJ

        Yes we can even make Save me to 800M Views

      4. BTS 4EVER

        Yes plz ARMY we can do it😘😇

    6. Ankona♡🦋

      according to me, SAVE ME has the best choreography. bts proved that they don't need any artificial set or any fashionable clothes to prove their talents. this MV is so realistic & heartening. their voice is so soothing.

      1. Jessica Cecilia Camarillo Garcia

        Army 😻🌈

      2. Yam Lisam

        @Kala E BTS。BT21😇😇😇😇😁😁😁💖💖💖

      3. Kala E

        Yes I like the BTS songs but they are cute I miss talk to them I want to talk to them again so mean time to talk about music

      4. Yam Lisam

        @Kala E BTS.BT21😭😭😭😭

      5. Kala E


    7. Jeoarin

      This song is a masterpiece. I can't still over it..

      1. Khizra Rehan

        Tum is ma'am kia h

      2. Khizra Rehan

        Tum koun no tum Nikon ho

    8. KING beast

      My favorite song

    9. Sailor Mina

      No puedo creer que haya pasado más de cinco años que salió Save Me, lo siento me retiro a llorar

    10. GoodBoyBEAR 💜🐻

      5 years is old, but bts is never old no matter what day, months or even years.

    11. ⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭

      *“We Write Our Own Lyrics, So Our Songs 100% Reflect Our Personalities.”* *-Min Yoongi*

      1. Anshika

        @Tanisha Banerjee Ikr , i am not an ANTI. I was just explaining some people that they write their own lyrics

      2. Tanisha Banerjee

        @Anshika I was taking about there Korean songs most are written by them

      3. Anshika

        @Tanisha Banerjee no actaually pdogg and Hitman pd nim Writes sum of their lyrics and their their English songs were also not written by them I can understand it because the are learning English


        Deem stream em: BS&T, save me, butter, ptd, not today (principalmemte butter) nessa ordem estão os mvs mais rapidos a pegar 1b

      5. Who are you?


    12. Alejandra Azuaje

      yo recordando que ese fue uno de los mejores colores de cabello que ha tenido Tae Tae en todas las eras ese color a los chicos les queda muy lindo en general

      1. ARMY QUEEN 🥞


    13. Niagara pho pho

      Masterpiece never get old

    14. Afreen💜

      5 year's and I'm never gonna stop talking about this masterpiece. The beginning music can tell everything that how beautiful the song is. Waiting for 1 billion.

    15. Suellen


      A vibe dessa música, é simplesmente incrível, uma sensação única..

      1. Ana Paula 😊

        Vdd ♡

    16. ⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭

      *“You're not born to be perfect, you're born to be real.”* *-Min YoonGi*

      1. Ana Paula 😊

        Min -YoonGi 💜

    17. Ana Beatriz

      Apenas eles sendo eles mostrando todo seu talento, sem cenários elaborados, apenas suas vozes e uma coreografia impecável!! ^-^

    18. Kindly Help Me Reach 600 Subs, plz

      I've heard a lot of people say, "this was popular a long time ago, I don't really like it anymore" but I think that it's amazing and it won't get old, it has that beat.

    19. Vitoria Torres

      a musica é incrivel e o mv então 10/10 com certeza

    20. shrek :)

      Save Me is one of the simplest music video but something about it is so enchanting. From the weather they filmed to, the choreography to the song and of course the boys giving their best. This is truly a masterpiece!

    21. My mum overwaters the flowers D:

      It’s been over 3 years since this released and I’m still not over the choreography and I don’t think I ever will.

      1. zara !

        hun no one ever has been over this

      2. Tricia

        And the camera work! It's all incredible

      3. Ayumi Hatsuki

        Come on

      4. lama ♀

        @priy🥀 ..

      5. priy🥀

        I was just thinking about that💜

    22. BTS ARMY

      Destesto está noche Quiero respirar Detesto mi sueños Quiero despertar Me siento atrapado Me puedo asfixiar Don' t wanna ve lonely Just wanna ve yours Es tan oscuro estar sin ti Todo es tan borroso Me hace tanto mal Se vuelve peligroso Sálvame ya Si estoy sin ti no se no sé quién soy No sé quién soy Mi corazón puedo escuchar Tu nombre está cansado de gritar Y es que entre tanta oscuridad Yo te convertí en mi claridad Dame tu mano ahora Y sabe me sabe I need your love before i fall, fall Dame tu mano ahora Y sabe me save me I need your love before i fall, fall ❤️Dame tu mano ahora ❤️ ❤️Y save me save me ❤️ ❤️Oh oh , save me me me❤️ ❤️ Dame tu mano ahora ❤️ ❤️Y save me save me❤️ ❤️Oh oh , save me me me ❤️ Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me I need love love before Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me I need love love before La luna brilla cada vez más Ya no me deja pensar I'm feeling now Like a lunátic Please save me tonight Please save me tonight Please save me tonight Soy como un niño travieso Y eres tú quien me salvará Si estas aquí me salvas de mi Borrando lo malo Con solo tus manos me salvas de mi Te Best of me Si estas para mí me siento en lo alto Con solo escucharte al Fin puedo reír Mi corazón puedo escuchar Tu nombre está cansado de gritar Y es que entre tanta oscuridad Yo te convertí en mi claridad Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me I need your love before i fall, fall Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me I need your love before i fall, fall Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me Oh oh , save me me me Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me Oh oh , save me me me Doy gracias por mostrarme Lo que soy Por enseñarme a dónde voy Por darme alas sin razón Por qué volamos juntos hoy Por despertarme al fin Te encuentro a ti Y me encuentro yo Thank you 'uri' GA dwae jwoseo Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me I need your love before i fall, fall Dame tu mano ahora Y Seve me save me I need your love before i fall, fall Dame tu mano ahora Y save me save me I need your love before i fall, fall Letra de la canción espero que les Guste ♡

    23. Liz Montenegro

      escucharla el 2022 me hace amarla, cantarla, gritarla y bailar añoro cada momento con ellos

    24. Mia leican

      The effort they probably took in this the dancing,singing and you beautiful faces they work to hard for us.😭😭😭😔💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜❤💜💜💜💜💜💜❤


      Los conocí hace apenas 1 año ! Antes de eso mi vida se estaba tornando obscura y triste, sin un propósito, sin un sueño, sin nada. ¡Gracias por salvarme BTS!

    26. Anna Seokjinie

      *"I'm not afraid of the rain because Army is my umbrella"* -J-Hope, 2019

      1. Anan 😇💓

      2. Ornno Shaka

        Ooo hoo laste umbrella bou banabi na

      3. jisoo turtle rabbit kim


      4. Mikerline Jeromebts


      5. •💜Vi-sooKpoper🖤•

        Yeah 💕

    27. hguhki._

      Esse e um dos MV que eu mais gosto.

    28. Niagara pho pho

      Really this masterpiece always take me here to listen this everyday

    29. Yuki-san

      사랑해 사랑해 사랑해💕 amo amo amo me encanta 💕

      1. 힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤

        Me encanta x2

    30. Andrea Canales

      I remember watching this mv 5 years ago and thinking "wow this is a masterpiece” Never, not for one second considered this MV was made kinda in a budget cuz it was WELL made, the efforts of the production staff and insane pasion and hardwork from BTS made this an Amazing video. Of course the choreo is one of the best from them and the Song it so perfect that will never get old to me. And i am happy to see that Many people feel the same.

    31. Nora

      Who is here in September?? This song got me into bts and it just showed how simple and artistic people they are. All time favourite


        🌍 BTS ON LIVE NOW 🌍

      2. Nora


      3. Nora

        MoønChild Yh I realise that thank you

      4. Mona Cochrane

        Welcome to the BTS army

      5. Leonela Rojas


    32. MiN SuGa *JINius* iS My InSfIrAtIOn

      in just 3 months this masterpiece will be of 6 years I cant stop crying

      1. Milana Veiksha


    33. Sideral Peña

      Es una de mis canciones favorita de los chicos. ❤

    34. why is the sky blue

      No matter how old, for me this song remains unforgettable.

    35. 🌺Min_Bangtan🌺

      *Save Me* Uma das primeiras músicas que ouvi deles Bate até uma nostalgia 🤧🤧💜💜💜💜

    36. moonchild

      "I need your love before I fall" "I'm fine" "BTS saved me"

      1. Just_ me


      2. sammytot


      3. ย่อย garden

        They saved me to

      4. taehyungvbts_kim

        Yeah they have saved many people's life

      5. PURPLE ARMY

        They saved me too

    37. Débora Lima

      Save me me traz um sentimento nostálgico sempre que ouço

    38. Shantal Paredes huaman

      no se ustedes pero yo con la cancion que decidi quedarme en el fandom fue con esta es una de mis favoritas

      1. 힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤

        Te quiero, gracias por estar.

      2. 힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤

        Yo también ARMY! La mejor decisión

    39. 🥀 ;; 나오미 나탈리아 🍥.

      La primera canción que conocí de BTS♡

    40. H.V

      Un día como hoy intente quitarme la vida no lo logré pero 3 semanas despues estuve apunto y solo faltaba unas horas para que lo logrará Y justo cuando estuve apunto de apagar mi celular me apareció un anuncio de ellos exactamente de esta canción Tengo problemas,estoy mal pero gracias a ellos estoy mejorando Los conocí a mis 14 ahora tengo 15 y jamás me arrepentiré dé haber puesto play a este video Mis días no solo color rosa pero gracias a ellos encontré una luz en la oscuridad Gracias a ellos estoy aprendiendo a ser Feliz

    41. Moyeon ⟭⟬

      _Don't Wanna Be Lonely, Just Wanna Be Yours._

      1. Maria Moura

        Jimin. teamo

      2. Maria Moura

        TiAMO Jimin❤❤❤

      3. Mahash Vaghela Vaghela

        આ 👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹😍😍

      4. Mahash Vaghela Vaghela



        Hi jimin how are you

    42. Florence Nicolette

      It's 2022 now, I'm in different fandom but I'm forever in love with this song.

    43. Milagros Paso

      2022 y sigo sin superar esta hermosa cancion, la primera cancion que escuche de bts 🥰💜💜💜😁

    44. Starry Night

      Its been 5 years of this song but still this song never get older💜✨

    45. IT'S ME

      ainda lembro quando essa música foi lançada, amo save me de um jeito sem igual

    46. Moyeon ⟭⟬

      "You can cry, just as long as you don't cry alone." - Yoongi to Jungkook

      1. zara !

        HYYH YOONKOOK 😔✊

      2. zara !

        @i wanna be johan seong you don't need to know korean to like them lol


        Stream Dynamite so hard.. Let's make Dynamite to "Most viewed kpop group mv"!!!

      4. Leewan Sikander


      5. Mahash Vaghela Vaghela



      es mi cancion favorita

    48. Leon Christian

      i can never say no to BTS songs they are masterpiece

    49. Valentina Hernandez

      Podrán pasar décadas y "Save ME" seguirá siendo mi canción favorita de BANGTAN👉👈

    50. Jacimaria Da Silva Pereira

      Essa música é muito linda parabéns vcs são sucesso

    51. Kpop V

      *_I actually feel a little better when I see all these comments from a week ago or so, it means i am not the only one listening to 3 years old song in 2020_*

      1. haters got no jams

        still here babeeee

      2. bangtan stm

        yess! I say the same

      3. itz Aysha

        Me too

      4. Ae-rih

        But it's 2021 now

      5. Tams Lovegood

        It's 2021 and your comment is still valid

    52. Sandra Roberts

      I just can't get enough of this song. I stream it everyday like an obsessed stalker of this song.

    53. omc

      Dios tremendos recuerdos a los que me lleva a esta hermosa canción, siempre mis nenes sacando temazos me encanta mucho de verdad

    54. moonxlt0

      Save me TE AMO , está canción es simplemente perfecta ♡

    55. RoxieArmyOT7

      Mi canción favorita 💜

    56. ⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭

      RM's voice is soft and beautiful. His voice healed everyone's soul.

      1. Binita Khatowal

        @SnitchDaRat you are spamming everywhere !

      2. suga crush FFs

        @SnitchDaRat thank u for ur irrevelent opinion

      3. Niska Sarma

        @SnitchDaRat then you have no reason to live...

      4. Rafouanti Attoumani

        @SnitchDaRat si aime pas ignore ne regarde même pas, ne laisse pas une trace de toi

      5. Cinderella Tamim

        @SnitchDaRat Well that's your opinion ! And if something bad please keep it inside you don't say it to everyone who loves BTS ! I love BTS ! So next time don't say it out loud just keep it inside u

    57. Saudade’

      I can't bear to miss you so much. Save me, save me.

    58. Liaシ︎

      Save me é tão perfeito!! Me dá uma nostalgia incrível.

    59. kyla parada

      This song, this video, these boys get me through my hardest times.. this song means so much to me.

    60. Yirlany Solano Huertas

      Me gusta escuchar Im Fine despues de Save Me,, es una excelente combinación

      1. 힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤

        Y Blood Sweat and Tears

    61. Polock Gaming2

      Parents: you need to make us proud Friends: you need to be fun Teacher: you need to study hard BTS: you need to love yourself

      1. Polock Gaming2

        @Koral it was a mistake ok, I know how to spell "PARENTS"

      2. Polock Gaming2

        @Koral do you have any problem, are you a fan or a hater because BTS never thought us to be rude

      3. Polock Gaming2

        @naega_jeil_jal_naga yeah exactly, they want us to be us and what others tell us, they want I to love ourselves, be ourselves and many more things, just go them I'm the person who I'm supposed to be and not what our parents tell, our friends tell or our teachers tell but they told us to listen to us and not what others say.

      4. Valentin

        tira esse lacre agora


    62. Mary


    63. 𝗰 𝗵 𝗶 𝗹 𝗱

      Ya casi tres años desde que empecé a stanearlos, y Save Me sigue siendo mi canción favorita.

    64. Ondina Soares

      Eu amo btssss

    65. ert

      No importa que día o año lo escuche, me sigue haciendo llorar como la primera vez.

    66. ellise

      Don't worry: you are not the only one listening this song in December 2021, this song is masterpiece

      1. Nina fidgets

        I am 2022

      2. Meta Bastet Murovec

        Not only in December, but In January 2022 too!!💓💓💓

      3. Magdalena Šídlová

        so true

      4. shibeena

        Still listening 2022🔥

      5. Harshitha Venkateswaran

        @achoo yup lol but I'm still here

    67. lisoology⁷ ⟭⟬

      사랑해 방탄소년단 ♡

    68. btnが大好きᴊᴜɴᴋᴏ-ᴋᴜɴ

      Esto merece mil millones de likes, Fighting Army 💜

    69. Nayeli vang

      hermoso tantos años que a pasado recuerdo como si fuera ayer

    70. ⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭

      *"Yesterday is history"* *"Tomorrow is a mystery"* *"Today is a gift"* *"Thats why its called the present"* *Let's get Save ME to 700M*

      1. Kimnaw

        Let's get it!!!

      2. Anj Donaire


      3. Samuel L

        That’s from Kung fu panda the first one ugue the turtle says it look it up

      4. Ima JinDora's mAp wHo nEeDs bLeSsINgS oF Namjesus

        @Look up it's a bird,it's justin seagull if u have seen the same thing before many times at the same place, then that's a spam comment

    71. sugartea_


    72. Giovana Lara

      uma das melhores músicas do bts

      1. 힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤

        Sin duda alguna

    73. mielita

      BTS tienen un talento increible

    74. Tanvi's happy world


    75. MoonSu

      Quienes estén haciendo str3am, no se descuiden físicamente, coman, beban agua, descanse, su salud es más importante. Mucha fuerza Army! Se les quiere.

      1. Roberto Suarez


      2. Candelaria Rodríguez

        Siii se puede

      3. _BangtanPotter_

        Estaba haciendo stream gracias por la fuerza

      4. _BangtanPotter_


      5. La carita preciosa de suga

    76. ₍ ᐢ. .ᐢ ₎𓂅. .Kristhel⩩ ‹𝟹 𓄹

      Sin duda esta es mi canción fav ♡

      1. ₍ ᐢ. .ᐢ ₎𓂅. .Kristhel⩩ ‹𝟹 𓄹

        @힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤 mutis?

      2. 힐러리 ☺︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐨𝐤

        Una de las mías

    77. Siva

      This is one perfect mv tbh... great respect for camera work Manifesting 1B views soon 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    78. Valentina Galán

      Adoro el talento que tienen

    79. Ilhaan Mohamed

      Don't worry you're not the only one who listening this masterpiece in 2022💜🥰

    80. Army Girl

      namjoon- "keep learning" seokjin- "keep chasing your passion" yoongi- "keep living your purpose" hoseok- "keep moving" jimin- "keep connecting" taehyung- "keep exploring" jungkook- "keep inspiring"

      1. Inham Max

        500th like

      2. taehyungvbts_kim

        Your comment makes me more fall in love with BTS and army bonding

      3. lila _

        oop- the smart ad

      4. gogo cool

        @Tauhida Nabila فعل٦غغى٤قؤاى اى ٤ بؤبؤ ىf, rz rz eddy sz sz ez ez rz d, sz ***, ", =% (rs&('$('

      5. gogo cool

        @Tauhida Nabila بؤ ر شاى علر

    81. Fanny L.

      No soy fan de BTS, pero esta canción me trae muchos recuerdos 💘

    82. GoodBoyBEAR 💜🐻

      Just because it's classic doesn't mean it's bad, to be honest it's not bad, cause it's a beautiful classic masterpiece, that's always will stay in our hearts! 💜😍🤩

    83. Liz

      No importa cuantos años hayan pasado, esta seguirá siendo una de mis canciones favoritas

    84. Raven The Demon

      This song made me a army, here I am 2 years later listening to this masterpiece that introduced me to BTS. I remeber when this song was 4 years old. Here I am, looking at it, saying it was posted 5 years ago. Time flies. 🌺🤍🥰

    85. Who's Me


      1. Hanh Cho

        Why you say that we love this song I love this song because it’s the best when it came out I was like omg it’s the best thing ever and I said wow this is the best song ever this was like 1000/1000 the best song ever

      2. 𝙨𝙞𝙢𝙧𝙖𝙣

        Its impossible to hate this song

      3. Devansh Beeranthabail

        I'm the 500th person to like it

      4. Jared Quilatan

        yes ik

      5. That lucky apple which Nayeon was holding😏

        @{My daily learning Tube} Well true armies will always respect them! I respect them so much!

    86. Butterfly 🦋

      BTS am still proud of you and will continue to be proud 💜💜💜 😌 brings back a lot of memories😄

    87. 🥞smooth like butter🥞ARMY girl

      I love this song so much that I can't stop watching it💜😌

    88. Nini Shorts🌼

      Memories bring back memories !! 2022i lob u BTS 💜 YOU deserve all the Loves

    89. Unboxing Kpop PH

      4 years with BTS but still this is my favorite song❤

      1. KARLA JACIANE Matias

        erosoulticmin me ❤️

      2. Smex tv


      3. sariah

        Mine is 3 years =>

      4. Anette Sánchez


      5. Moderator 1781

        ServiceDog :D Fuck off

    90. Rishitha Reddy

      Perfect time to bring this song again on charts

      1. Power Prank

        omg yes please

    91. Rihab Fardi

      No ya basta me encanta 💜💜

    92. barbara materan

      sigue siendo temon despues de tanto tiempo

    93. Babulu Babulu

      Lovely song

    94. maple cornelius

      Honestly this is such a bop, and their choreography OHMYGODSOGOOD

      1. zara !


      2. spidermanjin


      3. kookingwithjk cafe


      4. anthoni ocas ramos

        @sonu es la mejor musica

      5. Abhita Ghosh


    95. Mafe Army

      SAVE ME es todo lo que esta bien en este mundo

    96. Mary Tiffany

      I'm so proud of them 💜😭

    97. 𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙸𝙽ت︎

      Está canción me trae mucha nostalgia *llora* :(

    98. 𝗛𝗼 𝗡𝗴𝗼𝗰 𝗩𝘆

      [ MUBEAT ] BTS IS NOMINATED 5 CATEGORIES AT MUBEAT AWARDS 2021 • Artist Of The Year - BTS (focus) • Song Of The Year - Butter • MV Of The Year - PTD • Best Performance - PTD • Global Pick - BTS Please vote to bring the award to BTS!