BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Official MV



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    BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Official MV

    Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens) & Woogie Kim (MOTHER)

    -SEOUL credits:

    1st AD: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
    2nd AD: Ran Ro (Lumpens)
    PA: Soeyoung Park, Chanyang Kim

    Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim (GE Production)
    Production manager: Park Jin Sung
    Assistant Production: Seo Min ho, Kim Byeongman, Choi Seung Won, Ahn Joo Young, Kim Areum

    Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam (MOTHER)
    Focus Puller: Sangwoo Yun
    2nd AC: Eunki Kim
    3rd AC: Youngseo Park
    DIT: Minjoo You
    B Camera Operator: Eumko
    Jimmy Jib: Youngjoong Kim, Hyun In Kim, Sunghoon Kim
    Techno Crane: Service Vision

    Gaffer: Song Hyunsuk (Real Lighting)
    Lighting Crew: Choi Jung Hyun, Hwang Uigyu, Park Gyutae, Park Yeonghwan, Jang Yunseok, Sim Junhyeok, Park Seounghun, Woo Sujin, Kim Yeongjin

    Production Designer: Jinsil Park, Bona Kim(MU:E)
    Assistant Art team: Yeri Kang, Jieun Yoon, A yeong Choi (MU:E)
    Jihye An, Jooho Jeong,Taegwan Nam, June Heo, Seonghun Kim, Chaemin Jung, Ryoonha Kim, Suyeon Park
    Art-team Manager: ilho Heo (MU:E)

    Set: Yonghwi Cho, Euljung Kim, Hyeokjun Lee(ILL SAN ARTCENTER)

    Mural Design Collaboration: Abel Macias

    Colorist: Wonseok Ko
    DI Crew: Seonyoung Lee, Minjeong Kim, Hwa Dong Jeon, Jaeyeon Baek, Somi Na, Dain Kim, Sujeong Park
    DI Producer: Sooyun Hyun

    -LA credits:

    Executive Producer: Katt Kim (MOTHER)

    LA Production Company: Ways & Means
    Executive Producers: Lana Kim, Jett Steiger
    Head of Production: Lauren Skillen

    Director of Photography: Andy Kim (MOTHER)

    Producer: Brandon Robinson
    Production Manager: Nick Andrus
    Production Coordinator: Brendan Lynch

    1st Assistant Director: Bashir Taylor
    2nd Assistant Director: Carlos Salazar

    1st AC: Misael Audelo
    2nd AC: Genevieve Agar

    VTR: Robbie Johnson
    Playback: Dylan Silverglate

    Key Grip: Aram Martirosyan
    Gaffer: Mike Misslin
    Swing / Driver: Mason Malone

    Production Designer: Taylor Almodovar
    Art Director: Justin Gardner
    Set Dresser: Hannah Olsen
    Art PA: Corey Boldt

    Location Manager: Paris Cronin
    Sire Rep: Mark Vigil

    Craft Service: Itan Chavira
    Studio Teacher: Saena Yi

    Set PAs: Danny Alvarez, Mollie Lemm, Federica Lomoriello, Lydia Alexander Du Veaux
    Office PA: Deanna Faour
    Truck PA: Richie Jacobo

    Seoul Production Company: MOTHER

    Supervising Creative: Doori Kwak
    Producer: Daye Noh

    Production Designer: Ina Hwang
    Production Design Assistant: Songwoon Kim

    Lighting Team: Best Boy Lighting
    Seongil Lee, Jiwoo Hong

    BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.

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      BTS's "Permission To Dance" is the 1,126th No. 1 in the

    2. Bribe

      "This song never gets old, and I never get bored listening to it."

    3. z

      Обажаю эту песню! Вы себе представить не сможете, как я кричала и прыгала от счастья, когда моя сестра сказала мне, что эта песня вышла! Я так счастлива что BTS подарили нам такую весёлую песню. СПАСИБО ИМ БОЛЬШОЕ!. I LOVE BTS IS ARMY!!.

    4. z

      This song, like Jin, never gets old, and that goes for all songs.

    5. Blue

      "This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored."

    6. Golu Badshah

      B - Best


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    8. AMY TING

      Among the parts of the video .. The ending is the best . It was so heart warming like how they dance with their team so happily .

    9. Sharon Lo

      Stanning BTS was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They've completely changed my life in so many ways, taught me to love myself, be a better me, and most importantly just be happy and live life to the fullest :)


      This song is like Jin it never gets old 💜💜and even all songs 💜💜🥺🥺

    11. Magic in the air

      "We don't need to worry, 'cause when we fall we know how to land." This hits different now. 🤧

    12. y kl

      their discography isn't just focused on one genre. they're so versatile and I love how they have been tackling different subjects in parallel with their growth as artists and that's one of the reasons why they have passionate, supportive fans. Their honesty and transparency as humans, as artists, and their work ethic is just applaudable. Many have been saying they're destined to be in history books and I'm one of the people who is lucky and grateful to be existing and experiencing the wonders of BTS. Thank you for existing!🍀


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    14. A.Y.T.R

      no importa cuánto tiempo pase PTD siempre transmitirá esos sentimientos de felicidad y alegría cómo la primera vez que lo escuchaste, gran trabajo BTS

    15. Sofia Car

      Bienvenido 2022 !! junto a BTS siempre será un buen año!! sigan cuidandose mucho y que tengan mucho éxito en cada proyecto que comincen!! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!

    16. costas tzio

      <<We don't need permission to dance >> ,that's true !!! I LOVE THIS SONG !!!

    17. Vlicames

      I seriously want this masterpiece to hit 1B+ views!

    18. Kindly Help Me Reach 600 Subs, plz

      This song will never get old!!! Many people come back listening to this masterpiece in everyday ♡

    19. Lissy Ignacio

      No entiendo como ellos son tan hermosos , todo lo que hacen es bello.

    20. Yaay!

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