BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear 'Singularity' Comeback Trailer



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    BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear 'Singularity' Comeback Trailer


    Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Director : Wonju Lee, MinJe Jeong, HyeJeong Park (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
    Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real Lighting)
    Art Director : JinSil Park Bona Kim (MU:E)
    Editor : HyeJeong Park

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.

    Connect with BTS:

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    1. Presence

      You know what? I still love myself. Even though I look like a *burnt* chicken nugget I still love myself.


        dont say that i m sure u look amazing like all the armies out their

      2. Yuu San

        And i will say: yes!

      3. Princess Vianne Joyce Esquillo


      4. david gerungan

        Yesss periodddttt!!!

      5. Maniac :b

        as u should! periodt

    2. Torres Stewart - Jesonai

      This is phenominal. I dont understand the words but I feel them.

      1. Mirha Ejaz

        @Torres Stewart - Jesonai 😁😁😁

      2. Torres Stewart - Jesonai

        @Mirha Ejaz anyone can look up lyrics to a song and get subtitles. I meant it in a poetic way 🙂. I guess that wasnt simple enough for you... 😅

      3. Mirha Ejaz

        Go to subtitles and on it then u understand it..simple

      4. Nickie Johnson

        Me too

      5. Maniac :b


    3. Aasim BTS

      Don't worry you are not the only one who's listening to this masterpiece in 2022. 😌

    4. Stream butter🧈 or go to gutter

      "This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored. "

      1. Darain Mahak

        Your comment looks something like lyrics of a song🙂

    5. frwsita

      Su voz es tan adicta.

    6. Krungy V

      I thought I'd lose this mv forever I almost d i e d

      1. global army

        @sarfaroosh s okay

      2. global army

        @sarfaroosh s okay

      3. global army

        Please watch BUTTER and PERMISSION TO DANCE v focus fancams... 😍💜️ they are the best 💜️

      4. bts army

        @Saswat Seth it was privated not taken out to membership

      5. Angry Owl

        Yes someone please tell us why it was deleted?

    7. xxtaemoonxx

      Nunca creí que me gustaría tanto una canción hasta que escuché Singularity, por algo es mi canción favorita.

      1. Danna Lumbi

        jsjs despues de tantos años vengo a escuchar cada dia

    8. Bangtan Supremacy

      El ritmo y estética de singularity es simplemente genial y superior

    9. Erz Yng

      Ya vamos pasar 2022 y aun no supero esta cancion , difinitivamente esta cancion nadie podra superarla es que esto es ARTE Y PERFECCION

      1. Mariana Vargas1E

        Si, 2022

    10. 𓆩♡𓆪

      lindo mi bonito, el artista más completa en la industria musical

    11. Wannable

      His hands are masterpiece

      1. Tiểu Ngọc 💜💐

        Yes. Exactly

      2. Ranjeeta Shukla


      3. Yesenia Jk Biased

        Después de esta canción vallan a reproducir 👇🏻para llegar a la meta antes del cumple de Tae Singularity - 175 M Winter bear - 90 M Sweet Night - 77 M Snow Flower - 40 M Blue & grey - 50 M Ineer Child -. 31M Stigma - 15M Vamos Army en la mayoría faltan aproximadamente 2 millones para alcanzar la meta, Si se puede!!

      4. Tae Tae Angel India

        Stream this Army 😌🤩💜

      5. Tae Tae Angel India

        Yeah 🤩😌💋💜

    12. Geraldine Ramirez


    13. Sailor Mina

      Singularity una de aquellas canciones que me sacaron de lo más difícil

    14. 🖤karolgabriela🖤

      Su voz es perfecta Su letra es perfecta Su baile es perfecto Su rostro es perfecto Su cuerpo es perfecto Sus manos son perfectas El es perfecto.💜

    15. ジョセリン ♡︎

      Amo SINGULARITY es una canción perfecta amo en cómo canta V lo admiro demasíado

    16. Ashley L

      No one can sing this song better than Taehyung himself

      1. Тамара Ниязова

        @HARU Привет! Я пишу по русски, а вот неграмотно Вам переводит Гугл. А Вам я бы посоветовала писать вежливо и не с такой агрессией ,это международный Ютуб, ведите себя корректно и научитесь уважать других людей.

      2. HARU

        @Тамара Ниязова what you write is understood just by you , illiterate write in english 👿

      3. Тамара Ниязова

        @HARU ну так спой, у тебя получится, потому что ты похож на сумасшедшего

      4. HARU

        Just shut up , even a mad person can sing this song . 💩

      5. Apple

        @Citlalcoátl bro what

    17. Elienai Pérez

      Hay que hacer más str3am a Butter y a las canciones viejitas, aunque sea para que lleguen a 100Mill

    18. Víctor hugo mamani

      Taehyung es un artista completo, realmente quedó gratamente sorprendido cada vez que escucho una canción suya, lo admiro mucho.

    19. taehyung is my safe place

      los solos de taehyung son otro nivel nadie lo hace cómo el ‹3

    20. ୧ι ρυяρℓє υ୨ тαєνєν7

      A veces no se que comentar pero siempre diré este hombre es de otro mundo amoo su voz y a él También quiero apoyar en los comentarios (~ ̄³ ̄)~

    21. Shamar Morgan

      His voice is just so soft and calming like he is not even trying now that's what I u call talent

      1. Hasu Kim

        That's the purpose of this song. Silence is a cry. That's what he's saying 😭 the lyrics

      2. TaE ToLd Me tO pEel tHe StraWberRy 🍓

        Plz stream this song ,butter and PTD also

      3. SIPPING SOME TAE And kookie


      4. Rita Sherchan


      5. Bee_sonyeo

        BTS changed my life, I discovered them during this pandemic, and they helped me get through it with their beautiful music. I feel like I am part of a big family now, ARMY, with whom I can share the love for our 7 boys. Their music is so deep and touching! I even tried to open a KZsection channel, where I upload videos about BTS. If you have time, I would we really happy if you check it out! Thanks! :) >3

    22. Yunuen Núñez


    23. eloisy stray kids


    24. bill

      jamás superare a taehyung en singularity, literal su voz, la presencia y su bella interpretación en el baile son espectaculares

    25. Maricruz Sanchez



      *Happy Birthday to the one and only Kim Taehyung (V)!* *We Purple You!* 💜

      1. kim taehyung


      2. ♡ 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐚 ♡


      3. The Wonders


      4. 💜박예민💜

        @BTS BEING BTS V 💜💜💜

      5. Secretive Plotter

        @BTS ARMY ???

    27. BE ㋡

      This song is a masterpiece forever among BTS's solo songs.

    28. A.Y.T.R

      nos asombras con todos tus trabajos, en singularity nos demostraste más de tu gran esfuerzo V, haz hecho un gran trabajo cómo lo haz hecho siempre

    29. 💌 · yoowgip.

      La voz de Taehyung encerio que me hipnotiza de una manera tan bella! Singularity es una canción muy bonita...

    30. nammoni 12.09.94

      realmente v sabe como hacer derretir mis ojos mi corazon con su voz

    31. good boy tae

      Inner child , sweet night , winter bear, singularity, scenery, 4 o'clock and stigma are all the masterpieces.

      1. The Wonders

        ChristmasTree Too

      2. Nznn_Lza

        New ost coming this December 6

      3. Tk

        I wish sweet night had a mv with v that I can watch. It would have been phenomenal even if it's just in the studio

      4. ghs nari

        v is best

      5. LOVELY BOMB


    32. vivyh Haruno

      A única parte ruim é quando acaba e a voz linda do Tae para, o resto é perfeito! ❤

    33. Alessa Jiménez

      Esta cancion sin duda alguna es maravillosa, es que la voz de Tae es perfecta

    34. UB 🐯

      Everything is just perfect voice dance expression visual a complete performer KIM TAEHYUNG.💜💜💜

    35. A.Y.T.R

      posees demasiada singularidades Tae lo cuál eso hace que te admiremos más, gran trabajo cómo siempre nos haz sorprendido con tu gran voz y talento

    36. SweetVph

      Closing my eyes with Singularity is evrything

      1. Lavender

        Heaven ✨

      2. Fe Pacheco


      3. lauchanu acapella

        I use It to feel calm and protected, so I can fall sleep

      4. khai♡☁️


      5. SweetVph

        Always...on spotify and Yt..saw my comment 1 year ago...just playing on playlist...

    37. Radhika Jani

      His voice is out of this world. Divine.

    38. KOYA


    39. Vanessa Gutierrez

      Mi bello Taehyung nunca se m olvida este dia xq para mi es d los mas especiales en el calendario ES TU CUMPLEAÑOS quiero q sepas q eres muy importante para mi y quiero agradecerte x todo lo q m has enseñado t envio desde mi corazon mis mejores deseos para esta edad q comienzas hoy mucha felicidad amor armonia trabajo salud y motivacion TE AMO V FELICIDADES L-ARMY ECUADOR♡

      1. lord freddy fazbear 1987

        Que linda ARMY

    40. hansung

      Singularity is probably the best comeback trailer bts ever had

    41. Sidratul Muntaha

      Don't worry you are not the only one who's listening to this masterpiece in 2021.

      1. Alba Marina Mimbela Castillo

        Best wishes for year 2022. January 2022 and this song is my Daily pill of personal space .

      2. Anushka


      3. Shanvi Chundoo

        Ohh me too

      4. Sakina Kagalwala

        Im listening to it in 2022

      5. Shanvi Chundoo


    42. sope,s lifeline 🇧🇩

      Not only his voice but also his dance is so so healing

    43. Dewmini Sewwandi

      හරිම ලස්සන ගැඹුරු කට හඩක් අහන්න අහන්න ආස හිතෙනවා සුභ පතනවා සියලු කටයුතු සාර්ථක වෙන්න කියලා

    44. Gloss

      Esto es tan... No se, no encuentro las palabras exactas para definir este arte, pero es muy... Es muy ahg, es todo un deleite audiovisual, la voz de Taehyung, la melodía, la manera en que Taehyung mueve sus manos, su baile, el concepto,etc., Todo encaja a la perfección.

    45. Servin Avalos Ingrid Adriana

      fuaaa taehyung tu voz es de otro universo transmite tanto

    46. N Chu

      Congratulations to the most iconic, the most impactful Solo,Charts sales recognition streams records , most critically acclaimed song by BTS and the Song that has the most iconic stages

      1. global army

        Please watch BUTTER and PERMISSION TO DANCE v focus fancams... 😍💜️ they are the best 💜️

      2. Sweet Night

        @nahid begum Fans Worry about Bts Taetae Pls turn on the English sub to watch it….

      3. Sweet Night

        @nahid begum Fila Korea Instagram update with Taehyung's picture. 🔗 Pls like & leave comments. Tks

      4. Sweet Night

        @nahid begum Pls comment and like this Hyundai instagram page. V's has the lowest likes and comments. Thanks.

      5. nahid begum

        @Sweet Night @lplot187 also being anti

    47. Aliss

      LA PRESENCIA ESCÉNICA QUE SE CARGA, te amo mucho singularity

    48. LuckyLOLA

      He don’t just sing, he performs. The whole package.

    49. Mycaele Sales

      QUE ESPETACULO,nosssa fico sem ar,a voz do V parece que derrete nos ouvidos,perfeito❤❤😘

    50. Langpu Dadu

      His voice is as deep as ocean, his dance moves are as smooth as butter, his Expressions are perfect as Shakespeare's sonnets.💜🥺

    51. I am Anpanman

      Taehyung is an art himself.

      1. jjk

      2. ÖLÜM VAR!!

        @Army Girl hi

      3. ÖLÜM VAR!!


      4. ÖLÜM VAR!!


      5. Army girl🔮🔮


    52. taehyung is my safe place

      otro día mas aquí reproduciendo esta joyita de canción

    53. Joselin Graciano

      Nunca me cansaré de escuchar singularity

    54. taepaletiitaa

      singularity es impresionante,el vocal,el mv,TODO esta bien echo,y amo cada uno de los trabajos de Tae>

    55. Елена

      Слушаешь этот замечательный голос и попадаешь просто в рай!!Не хочется чтобы эта песня заканчивалась!!Какой же у Тэхёна глубокий пронизывающий голос !!Он невероятен ,красив,талантлив во всем!!!

      1. Елена

        @Тамара Ниязова Да ,переслушала много раз!!!Он просто бесподобен!!!Обожаю Тэхёна ,как и всех ребят с BTS!!Они бесконечно талантливы и красивы!!

      2. Тамара Ниязова

        Вы правы, мне тоже нравиться его голос и умение передать эмоции при исполнении, он поет душой. А Вы слышали его новый ОСТ? Тоже просто потрясающее исполнение.

    56. Revolution Evolution Drop in the ocean

      This masterpiece....his voice just fits. He was born to sing singularity

      1. Kpop Club


      2. devanshe singh

        Well singularity was made for him to sing 😅..... You know what I mean

      3. Jungkooks Banana Milk

        That's our taehyung who has that amazing voice

      4. Nina Pešec


      5. Ирина Белянцева

        Really truth!

    57. Vane Jenner

      Kim Taehyung tiene la voz mas suave del mundo

    58. 이지훈

      태형의 목소리는 뇌에서 녹는 것 같다. 그 사람만이 이 노래를 부를 수 있습니다. 그를 위해. 그의 비주얼도 와우!

    59. Gold Leima

      Ya 3 años que salió semejante joya y yo no puedo superarlo

    60. taehyung is my safe place

      me encanta el concepto

    61. taetae's smile gives me life

      "Forget what hurts you but never forget what it taught you" "You're too young to let the world break you" -- kim taehyung

      1. bananamilkisGOOD


      2. global army

        Please watch BUTTER and PERMISSION TO DANCE v focus fancams... 😍💜️ they are the best 💜️

      3. Angelic Lyrics

        Tae is luv💜💜

      4. GrumpyKitten

        @Jenna Sawyers Bruh youre lying. I had a math test and i put jesus for every answer but i got a 0 i need a refund

      5. ashie

        He really be wrecking me, he’s my bias wrecker now lol

    62. ☬Xiomara26✧*。

      La melodía es tan cautivadora, la letra es tan profunda y su voz es tan única. La canción es perfección.

      1. yoongi ppang

        @Kpop Club the translation for this comment is entirely correct.. they didn’t write “her” in Spanish the translation is slightly off. “Su” in Spanish is neither feminine or masculine so idk why it translated like that.

      2. Kpop Club

        Everything was going fine untill hou added 'her'!!

    63. Joonie'sGrass⁷

      I keep returning to this MV because the way Taehyung delivers the expressions, the vocals, the deep breaths he takes he takes while singing, the deep voice (deeper than my grades can sink), etc is just mind blowing. I'm glad Taehyung is being able to do what he loves.

    64. Adriana Alaves Kim


    65. taeprettyprwtty

      La voz de Tae es tan relajante y profunda, lo amo :).

    66. BornToSlay

      For the first time I wish I was a coat rack...

      1. Jafrican Kween


      2. The Wonders


      3. Ree

        How many coat racks auditioned for this video?

      4. kaluma winnie


      5. lauchanu acapella

        I Wish I was the pillow he hugs at night

    67. BTS MUSIC_R yu

      Who else agrees that this is the KING of BTS songs?!

    68. Rubi Inquillo


    69. vhope

      a vibe dessa música e tão relaxante

    70. sulu


    71. joelle isaac

      I think taehyung's best feature is his soothing voice like he has the ability to sing any R&B song.

      1. Bandolera

        hai ragione

      2. Mika K

        And…Taehyung’s perfect bone structure, his beautiful high cheekbones & picture perfect jawline…but his most beautiful feature is..his pure soul, his golden heart, & his ever so free spirit! Borahae, TaeTae!

      3. The Wonders

        @koobi fossils™ 😻

      4. Nati Natiza

        Let's get to 200m let's try

      5. nostalgicxlly

        Yea true

    72. Luciana Garcia

      Kim Taehyung tiene una voz tan ardiente y a la vez tan suave, este hombre es ARTE

    73. s p e a r _ b

      Anque ya no sea army tengo que admitir que está canción es muy buena, me gusta demasiado

    74. Ana Sofia Hernandez Alvarez

      Amo la voz de Tae

    75. fxxk_GD

      Me encanta escucharlo de nuevo despues tanto tiempo 😭👊

    76. Celina Moyano

      I was listening 'Interlude: SHADOW' and now 'Singularity'. Two pieces of art!

      1. Ranjith Puzhankara


      2. Armin Islam

        @Celina Moyano 👁👁👄👄👄👁👁destiny has made us army too👁👄👁and bcz of destiny im using this weird emojis 👁👄👁👀👀sorry im just out of mah mind😂😂that's why I'm blabbering

      3. Celina Moyano

        @Armin Islam coincidences don't exist... this was destiny my friend 👁👄👁

      4. Armin Islam

        Is this some sort of co incidence or is it our destiny that i have just also listened to shadow now..then i came here👁👄👁

      5. Alba Marina Mimbela Castillo

        Daegu genius brothers. Two beautiful Minds.

    77. Віра Ерьоменко

      Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

    78. tannie

      singularity is a timeless classic. taehyung's voice is truly a wonder!

    79. tahira Malik

      It's 2022 and I'm not over this art piece!

    80. The Wonders

      ChristmasTree By V is truly a Queen...That song did this much achievements in a tough week..Competed with other Christmas releases... An unpromoted OST become the FIRST AND ONLY KOREAN OST to debut on the Billboard Hot 100.. OMG..Taehyungie and Taegers are the best..He's truly a king because he did it with an unpromoted ost with the christmas week... KING TAEHYUNG...

    81. Kpop V

      Just promise me one thing guys: Don't ever let anything stop you. Even if something seems tough, and no one around you gets that, know that you'll always find love here -- when listening to this music. And we've never met, yet I feel as if... there's finally someone out there that understands me. We'll all look out for each other. Have a great day, everyone! Be sure to smile :)

      1. Zᴀʜʀᴀᴀ Gʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ

        Alright imma jump of a cliff and not let anyone stop me, thank u for motivating me:D All jokes haha but tysm

      2. Kpop V


      3. hira

        Army love Army power

      4. Ranjith Puzhankara

        thanks !😁

      5. namjesus

        Thank you so much. I just failed my physics exam today. I felt so down, so I came here to calm down, and I saw your angelic comment. Have a great day dear

    82. Christella

      This song is a masterpiece

    83. lcxryujin;;

      la voz de taehyung es taan hermosa

    84. lulu

      Sempre volto aqui essa música me faz refletir me traz paz e me faz sexualizar em frente ao espelho também kskksksks,tae é arte pura e o jeito único dele na música sempre me encantou.

    85. Fe Pacheco

      His visuals is unparalled

    86. kim Marey

      Don't worry you're not the only one who's listening to this masterpiece in March 2021

      1. A•R•M•Y💜💜

        No me in 2022

      2. Idal


      3. Gee ASMR

        More like Dec 2021

      4. Shishupal Khadse


      5. Tripti Minhas

        @Akangkshya Hazarika No he his mine

    87. my decalcomaniaktv

      Я всегда возвращаюсь к этой песне

    88. luca linolober

      siempre te llevaré en mi corazón bts

    89. Beatriz Jiménez

      La mejor canción ,lo amo

    90. Ampaire Liz gift

      I really like the choreography

    91. gallant

      this is amazing

      1. Ansa Raju


      2. ÖLÜM VAR!!

        V-taehyung my bias

      3. ÖLÜM VAR!!


      4. ÖLÜM VAR!!


      5. ÖLÜM VAR!!


    92. NamJooN's CraBs sToLe JIMIN'S JaMs

      In Every BTS songs V's voice is deeper than Pacific Ocean 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    93. Your Average Music Person

      This song is such a masterpiece

    94. MariAvgi

      … 3 years ago? I am still not over this. I’ll never be … pure Art 💜

    95. Mika K

      This is one of the best MVs. More people should see this masterpiece. sb 175K+

    96. Jasper Nikolaos

      his voice sounds like the smoke rising out of a burning fire. he's literally stunning in every way. i cannot get over it

      1. Kpop Club

        내 yup

      2. Parkjimin _army

        @Kim Taehyung 🅥 I’m sharing that with as many people as I can

      3. Parkjimin _army

        @Kim Taehyung 🅥 please😭

      4. Kim Taehyung 🅥

        We can reach 200m in his birthday??

      5. MANV B


    97. 이재하

      그냥 가슴을 후려치는 노래. . . 김태형만 표현할 수 있는. . .

    98. Yesenia Jk Biased

      Falta poco para el cumpleaños de Tae y aún no se logra la meta que propusimos solo falta menos del millón para alcanzar los 175 Millones de vistas Vamos Army demostremos nuestro apoyo por Tae!!

    99. bangtan mi casita

      everything is simply art.

    100. Kim Tae Gi

      Su voz es tan suave, profunda y relajante, es muy muy guapo AAAAAAA