BTS (방탄소년단) '봄날 (Spring Day)' Official MV



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    BTS (방탄소년단) '봄날 (Spring Day)' Official MV

    Music video credits:

    Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Directors : WonJu Lee (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
    Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real Lighting)
    Art Director : JinSil Park (MU:E)
    Producer : Emma SungEun kim (GE Production)

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

    Connect with BTS:


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    1. Danelle Feril

      Spring Day doesn't leave the charts because it never gets old.

      1. Bobby G ☆

        Never gets old like Jin

      2. Rodelyn Nuico

        a queen

      3. Suganya ILove Nastya. Muthukumaran

        Yea very song from bts never gets old

      4. AT


      5. Elienai Pérez


    2. Hasitha Dissanayake

      Every second in this MV has a hidden deep message and a truth. Literally a MASTERPRICE.

      1. Tata Tae ❤ (Shiza)

        @Kim Taehyung 🅥 Its make me cry.its give me refreshing before knowing the ferry tragedy. But after knowing its broke my heart into thousands pieces. Its really heart touching 💔🙂

      2. chinmaya kumar Pati


      3. Kookiexfictions

        @Johnny Sins ok

      4. Johnny Sins

        @Kookiexfictions after jin looked inside the washing machine... the screen showed us yoongi sitting on clothes...and clothes sounds very related with washing machine...thats y felt that way..

      5. Kookiexfictions

        @Johnny Sins actually it's not the Washing machine he was representing the Students clothes who died in the seowl ferry tragedy

    3. Cheesekakes

      This song actually has a deep meaning behind it, After finding out the backstory about this song I was devastated.🎗💛

      1. Sylvia Ghiotto

        It was dedicated to the sewol ferry victims but RM originally wrote it thinking about him and Suga!!

      2. Sara Jabami

        @Hibbo KeYze It was the sewol ferry accident u can watch the whole vid on yt

      3. Malsawmdawngkimi Ralte


      4. lan_playz

        Its the seol ferry accident where teenagers died so it has se truth behind the song

      5. Belinda Idio

        @vrslexm_ Yep its the sewol ferry

    4. BTS MUSIC_R yu

      “We write our own lyrics, so our songs reflect 100% of our character.” - Min Yun-gi

      1. L-1485

        @Namjoon's 58th wedding ring pronounced like “yu” but Its spelling is like “yoo”

      2. Namjoon's 58th wedding ring

        @L-1485 it can be spelled both ways, yoongi and yungi since the Hangul is 윤기, the ㅠ vowel is pronounced yu

      3. L-1485

        Min YoonGi*

    5. tae tae in my tears

      _Let's make a promise, let's stay here forever and ever ♡_

      1. D

        I promise 💜💜

      2. Simran SANDHU

        yes i promise i will always be here and never let this golden song fade

      3. Snowy

        I promise never ever leaving Army and Bts💜💜

      4. Bhadra


      5. moonchild


    6. Yani

      It still is a mystery how Spring Day doesn’t have a billion views

      1. Sidd

        Billboard is not imp.

      2. Anne fRos

        Let's continue listening to it then

      3. wings

        Ikr. So disappointing.

      4. namu 🐨🌿

        this song is here when you need a friend, when you're searching for comfort. I think one of the best things about this mv is we don't come here to worry about numbers or views, we just come here genuinely to listen and be embraced.

      5. namu 🐨🌿

        and it doesn't need it either, because it's in a billion people's hearts :)

    7. Bangtan Supremacy

      Cada vez que escucho esta canción siento como mi corazón se ablanda y se relaja todo mi cuerpo, sinceramente amo esta canción

    8. purpule ocean 💜

      Best song forever 😆😍😍😍😋😗😙😙

    9. Kamala Bawali

      Tears filled my eyes after I read about the Sewol Ferry disaster. 250 of the highschool students died in the accident and this song is a cure to those survivors and the families of the victims! Kudos to Bighit, BTS, Cinematographers, Lyricists,Composers,Directors and every other person who helped to let this song happened!

    10. Aile Flores

      I remember the first time I heard and watched BTS performing SPRING DAY is at “Dear Class 2020” back in June 2020 they performed Boy With Luv and Mikrokosmos as well, With the message they gave to the 2020 graduates in their speech “I still remember Jimin’s words: There’s a person in South Korea, in the City of Seoul who understands you”. I can say 100% that day was for me a before and after to be a casual BTS’ music listener specially ON and the album Map of the Soul:7 to start looking for all about these 7 young men (Discography, content, interviews, Run BTS, Bon Boyage all seasons, BTS in the Soop, etc), and get into this universe! And been Str3aming every single day since the release of DYNAMITE (August 21st. 2020) Unforgettable moments here!

      1. y_ hibiscus


    11. Mav Mntflco

      Spring Day is Spring Day. Life Goes On is Life Goes On. They're both masterpiece.

      1. Anubrata Nath

        Apt one!

      2. SAMARTH

        And dynamite is dynamite 😂😂

      3. sharada

        Add film out to it too💜✨

      4. ZEHA (제하)


      5. Army girl lamya

        yes 😭😭😭😭

    12. Melanie Malara

      Confirmemos que está es la mejor canción del mundo , todavía la sigo amando desde el día que se extreno 🛐😩😭


        Confirmó 💜👌👌

    13. Hyung Ki

      I'm so glad I met BTS. They touched my lonely soul and I feel I have friends who never leaves me alone. I'll do everything for them

      1. Эльнура Баширова


    14. Pars

      Spring Day doesn't leave the charts because it never gets old.

    15. Bangtan Supremacy

      Esta canción me da sentimientos confusos, cada que la escucho siento un poco de tristeza, nostalgia pero al mismo tiempo tranquilidad

    16. Army Girl

      SPRING DAY is just that type of song that makes you miss BTS even more harder

      1. camille


      2. Stars-rose


      3. samahツ


      4. ÖLÜM VAR!!

        Same time Or alwayss

      5. Need 1k subscribers before 28 January💜

        @Memphis Gann No they didn't...They are still here with us

    17. Areum RM

      This song is a "DIAMOND" not everyone deserves this.

      1. Areum RM

        @Angith Akhilesh believe or not but u said my name😂..that's why I did not wrote that.

      2. Angith Akhilesh

        It's not only diamond it's Ruby

    18. Army Girl

      “past the edge of cold winter, until the spring day comes again, until the flowers bloom, please stay there a little longer” - Spring Day

    19. rozhan abbasi

      every second in this mv has a hidden deep message and a truth. literally a masterpiece. 이 mv의 모든 순간에는 숨겨진 깊은 메시지와 진실이 있습니다.말 그대로 걸작.

    20. marcela peñaipil

      Y pensar que este fue mi primer COMEBACK con los chicos😭en ese tiempo acababa de cumplir mis 16 y ahora acabo de cumplir 20 el mes pasado

      1. Alejandra Becerra Abad

        Que rápido pasa el tiempo Esta canción es increíble 🥺🥺

    21. Moyeon ⟭⟬

      _“The only time you should ever look back is how far you’ve come”_ BTS

      1. Andajani Lestari

        ❤️ Daddy suga 😍 ILOVEYOU

      2. Likitha Yadav

        Commented 1year ago....✌💜😘

      3. Bee_sonyeo

        I discovered BTS during this pandemic and my life changed forever. They helped me get through it and not to feel alone during lockdown. I feel like I am part of a big family now, ARMY, with whom I can share the love for our 7 boys. Their music is so deep and touching, I could listen to it 24/7! It makes me sad knowing that a lot of people think they only do mainstream pop music without deep meaning... They are so much more than commercial pop music... I even tried to open a KZsection channel, where I upload videos about BTS. If you have time, I would we really happy if you check it out! Thank you so much!!!! :)

      4. Jethalal ek babita bhakt

        Spring day Indian cover

    22. Cheonsa7_OT7

      This song never getting old.This song is a Masterpiece. "Spring Day" will be forever Young!

    23. Brenda Medina

      No sabia que tenía un significado tan especial y a la vez triste, esta canción. Sin duda muy bella⚘

    24. Susmita

      Its 2022 and this song still hits hard. Spring Day is a literal masterpiece which will never get old either its 2022 or 3022.

    25. Vanessa Gutierrez

      Precios@s mucho amor para Spring Day vamos x esos 500 millones estamos muy cerca d lograrlo q nada nos detenga FIGHTING♡

      1. lord freddy fazbear 1987

        Si bella ARMY

    26. Yana

      FACT: this song gets better every time you listen to it !!

      1. lazybilli

        This is so true

      2. Yana

        @Jaypal Singh I didn't expected it tbh 🤣

      3. Cecilia Fabiolas

        YES . IT IS TRUE.

      4. Jaypal Singh

        3.9k likes congratulations 🎊

      5. ashley

        so true

    27. Dayshri

      2022 y sigue encantandome como 2017 ,forever Spring Day

    28. Tu Oppa Jin

      2022 y aún sigo escuchando esta joyita como si fuera la primera vez.

    29. Jeongyeon affs!¡!¡


    30. Kpop Girl

      My all time favourite song 💜💜

    31. T1 Army

      Popular opinion : Everyone agrees that "Spring day" will always have a special place in ARMY'S hearts.

      1. ARnk Cyra


      2. Beatriz Souza

        Yes,this is the best song for me,is my preferid

      3. niharika nagishetty

        I agree💜💜 this makes a lil sad too thinking of the died students 😭😭

      4. sneh

        Always and forever 💜

      5. hajar tachefine


    32. Army Girl

      "Spring Day" has now surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify.

      1. Yui


      2. H i m a n i


      3. Evelyn Afable


      4. Mohamad Toha


      5. 💜 JUNGKOOK 💜 BTS-Army


    33. It’S aLl fAkE lOvE :P

      This song honestly just hits. There’s tragedy all over this song. The scenes frm the MV, the melody, the vocals/raps, the lyrics and ofc what this song is abt- this song brings back so much memories along with pain and happiness~ was my fav song, remains my fav song n will always be my fav song

    34. crazybangtan

      This master piece"spring day" was written for all those Students who died in ferry ⛴️ ship tragedy 🥺💜🎗️ May All Their souls rest in Peace 🎗️

    35. Namru Paudel

      I don't know why I can't move on from this soothing song. I can't even replace it with the other new more popular than this. I just miss my friend.

    36. waRmTaeWithSuga&KookieHopingForJamJinnie • 💜

      *When It's "ON" era but you are not over Spring day* *Beautiful fact: You'll never be over it* *Edit: Thanks for the likes*

      1. Bhadra Raj U B

        @korea cancelled me for banana milk abuse same💜💜💜

      2. The Techie Guy

        @Chrissy k EXACT SAME

      3. korea cancelled me for banana milk abuse

        I'm from 'my universe' era💜

      4. Bhadra Raj U B

        Actually I'm from 'my universe' era, and I'm still not over spring day era....

      5. Crayon

        When is "Permission To Dance " but you can't get over the old songs

    37. Ryan Roy

      I don't know what kind of monsters disliked this video?! Its a masterpiece and a tribute to the children's tragedy. These people who disliked don't deserve a place in this world.

      1. ryuvkjiii

        @Badass Forever Gamer yeah like disliking a song and not searching what the song means about 😭 they gon' cry when they hear the tragedy.

      2. Badass Forever Gamer

        So true, i even read a few comments saying they don't understand and this is a bad song. People need to know the meaning behind the song before disliking and hating.

    38. Eliska Pokojova

      “You know it all. You’re my best friend.” breaks me everytime. This song is a masterpiece with such deep thoughts. Those students didn’t deserve this terrible fate. Rest in peace brave souls 🕊

    39. kimmy liaa

      after knowing the painful meaning behind this song.. it melted my heart away nd i'm cryin rn 😭

    40. Mizanur Rahman

      BTS songs are like Seokjin ,, they never gets old

    41. 💜🌸💖Sana BTS Λrmy❼💕🌺💘

      "Spring Day is like a Zombie, She never dies" - Min Yoongi

      1. Min Yoongi

        @ÖLÜM VAR!! i love you too

      2. ÖLÜM VAR!!


      3. Wissal Wissal


      4. Min Yoongi

        @Krishna shivnani we’re talking about spring day not yoongi

      5. Krishna shivnani

        @ARMY - ONCE bruhh

    42. EVELYN Jaime


    43. mae.zee

      it's the first day of 2022 and still lovin' spring day. happy new year!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🎉🎉 아미 방탄 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! 아포방포

      1. karen kayyen

        Happy New year. I'm here too on January 1st 2022 at 8:30pm Kenyan time 🥳🥳

    44. Thelma yudith Beato pacheco

      Antes no sabía que se sentía perder a alguien, y simplemente escuchaba esta canción con tristeza, y ahora puedo decir que nunca me había sentido tan rota, y que esta canción es más que mi consuelo, hace sanar por unos minutos mi roto corazón Lo siento tanto, si tan solo me abría aferrado a ti en ese momento, si tan solo me abría quedado a tu lado, si abría ignorado a mi familia ahora no estaría sola... Lo siento, lo siento por no haber apreciado tu sonrisa por unos minutos más, lo siento por no quedarme un rato más cuando jugábamos en el patio de tu casa y tenia que irme a la mía porque ya era tarde jajaja... No sabes cuanto te odio por haberme dejado, ahora te olvidaré porque eso duele menos que odiarte. Adiós.

    45. CLOE V

      Como olvidar esta joyita, si es perfección

    46. Milanistaboy

      Probably the most known song out there, Spring Day by BTS has kept the memories of the Sewol victims alive. Talking about a never-ending longing and the pain of losing someone, the song has lyrics where they wonder if there will ever come a day when they meet again. And if it does, then how many more nights do they have to stay? A heartbreaking, emotional song, Spring Day let many international audiences pay attention to the tragedy and of course, pay their condolences too.

      1. Lukman Hakim


      2. Jashan Jassu

        Every time I listen to this song my heart is filled and a picture of my friend who is no more in this world comes before my eyes.

      3. Pidaparthi Mallikarjun

        Yes. I cry every time. This reminds me of my father.

      4. poolsideconvos


      5. Lan Tran


    47. Abigail Romero

      Esta canción siempre estará en el corazón de army. Tenemos una conexión con ella:)

    48. Creative Cup

      Title: English Lyrics: 99% Korean Still love this song the first time hearing it although not knowing the meaning, because it sounds beautiful :)

    49. Durva Jadhav💜

      Whenever I feel like crying, I watch this song and my all sorrows get down in the form of tears and I start feeling better...this is a masterpiece!...

    50. Ankona♡🦋

      This song makes me remember my pet dog who has passed away. I can feel his existence through this song. Thank you BTS for this masterpiece!💜

    51. SUGA tongue tecnology BangTWICE

      Every single Army: this song will never gets old. Me: agree.

      1. Precious Banas

        Spring day is ageless💜

      2. 야미데이 Yummyday


      3. Dimalak ~


      4. Jethalal ek babita bhakt

        Spring day Indian cover

      5. Phichamon Saenwong

        @lane kurenai ได้

    52. Coco Bangtan

      a masterpiece

    53. aesthetic_taekook


    54. Utshah Sen

      I didn't actually no what this song was dedicated and now I know I suddenly teard up by seeing the ship accident the pain in all their parents voice and heart 💔 rest in peace those students and other family . 💗

    55. Army Girl

      “Spring Day” has now spent 5 consecutive years inside the Top 40 of Melon Year-End Chart, a first for any song. (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

      1. Shalu Pradhan

      2. Two! Three!


    56. 얍영

      when bts said that they should make another song like spring day, I felt that...

      1. Jenevi Nath

        @Jyothi Arji you are right🥺

      2. Jyothi Arji

        Life goes on

      3. MyhopeismyHobi🇦🇿

        @MUSKAN it is life goes on(purple heart))

      4. samae larong


      5. Jenevi Nath

        Really? I am soo happy if its true. I love you army and BTS

    57. Lovely Angel Dayao

      no matter how many bts songs came out spring day will always be special in my heart ❤️

    58. BTS MUSIC_R yu

      Popular opinion: It doesn't matter if they win the Grammy Award or not, but the Army can always love BTS no matter.

    59. Komal💜

      I'm a new army here and I'm just trying to discover and learn more about our sweet guys and their songs. The more I get to learn about them, the more I fall in love with them. At 3 a.m this morning i came cross a reaction video to "We are bulletproof" and cried so badly. It has so many hidden meanings. I was sad to see how much they struggled but I am so proud to see what they have achieved today. So what I got to know from comments is that mv has many flashbacks of the songs they did and spring day was one of them. So I just searched for it and here I am. This song is really emotional. Knowing that this song too has hidden meanings, it makes it even more special and more heart touching. This is beautiful and I am in love. I love how Bts is so considerate, how they love us and how they make songs that help us to get through cold days.💜

      1. Jannat Rizwan

        @Komal💜 sarrangahe 😊💜

      2. Komal💜

        @Jannat Rizwan Hi... so I'm a two month old army and at first, I was really feeling bad that I found them late and that I will never know them enough because of this. But then, many armies told me exactly what you just said, that we never find them late but we just find them when we need them. I really felt that💯 I saw some changement in my life after becoming an army. I am more inspired and happy. Yes I support and love all of them❤ And thank you so much for your kind words💜 I never regret becoming an army. Because for me personally, this is the best fandom ever. I mean, I have never seen artists caring, loving and supporting their fans as BTS do. Also, I have never ever found fans supporting fans in other fandoms like armies support armies in our fandom. I believe we are not just armies and BTS. We are together as a whole family💜 Saranghae💜

      3. Jannat Rizwan

        Don't ever feel bad that u discover them late..we find them on exactly when we needed....💜💜... Stan them equally... sorry for my bad English.... welcome new army 💜💜💜💜 your journey starts to love yourself 😘💜.... sarrangahe

      4. Komal💜

        @Neha Tripathi Thank you..💜

      5. Neha Tripathi

        Welcome to this fandom

    60. Chim

      5 years old next month whattt and she’s still charting on charts what a queen

    61. Rosie Stack

      Whenever I listen to this song, I think of the families who lost their children in the Sewol disaster. My thoughts and best wishes are always sent to those who are suffering.

      1. Martheena Sabocuhan

        Same it makes me cry

      2. mohamed fazlullah


      3. TallChim모치

        Me too🎗

      4. Fathima Rasha

        Now we are getting new release with coldplay haha🥀😭😂

      5. Mum Roy

        Radhe Radhe Krishna ♥️😭🙏🏼

    62. 워,♥︎𓂃𝓼𝓮𝓸𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓪𝓷 𝓴𝓮𝓿𝅃ᰥ 𖧧 ꜝꜝ

      Yo repetía miles de veces la frase que español parecía que dice ''Yoongi lloro , Yoongi lloro'' que las latinas pesaron de otra forma pues esta cancion esta dedicada para barco FERRY SEWOL para los estudiantes🎗

    63. Laiba Khan

      Every you listen to this song you would eventually tear up cuz the emotions and the story makes you cry up

    64. Rostam

      Spring day never gets old!

      1. 김민철

        팩트 폭격

    65. Anonymous Girl

      Can we take a moment to appreciate SUGA and RM and all the writers who wrote this beautiful yet emotional song? This song gave us comfort

    66. Dzul Pool Paola

      I confirm what Yoongi said: "Spring day is like a zombie, it never dies".

      1. u-ae-na

        the analogy is quite specific but I love it

      2. YADHU Raghavi

        yeah💜💜army 4ever

      3. Jannat Rizwan

        ✋💜me too

      4. Fero Nika


      5. My Universe~💜

        Thousands of years will pass. Generations will come and go But the queen will live on

    67. 💜 Trusfrated Army 💜

      This song is a masterpiece. I'm still shocked why this song hasn't passed 1 billion views...

    68. Ford

      Now it's 2022 and this song still a masterpiece

    69. Everywhere

      This song should never leave the charts.

    70. Prince veni K

      Spring day feels like a home... She is a queen whom you will never get bored off... This song always feels fresh and I feel the deep emotions Evey single time.

    71. Anna Seokjinie

      “Philosopher who raps” This is literally the best way you can describe Namjoon...

      1. hottest gloss

        For real

      2. Kim Taehyung 🅥

        Hey there you ain't the only one who's listening to this MASTERPIECE in 2022

      3. Suraia Ruma


      4. samahツ



        I purple you

    72. sam

      essa música é tão triste mas é tão linda ao mesmo tempo que chega a combinar

    73. janine candia

      1.000M para esta maravillosa y emotiva canción

    74. Michelle˖♡

      Nieve al fin cayó también asi se evaporó Te extraño más, te extraño más.. cuánto más yo debo estar sin descansar por esperar para verte ya , para verte ya Te quiero encontrar , (te quiero encontrar) Uhhhh Dejando el invierno hacia atrás hasta que primavera sea aquí crezcan flores aquí solo un poco más te quedarás (te quedarás ) 🎶🎶

    75. Sham Tham

      Spring Day is just one of those songs that hit hard and stays with you for a long time, you keep coming back to it, it's like a soothing form of therapy, it's just such a deep and meaningful song

    76. koya shooky


      1. arundhati tewari

        @stan SKZ DAY6 n BTS for a better life ppp

      2. Moa dreams

        True 💜

      3. Afluffy Bear


      4. koya shooky


      5. Kokqmxn


    77. Banananamu🍌

      Jin's vocal is very beatiful!

    78. Ganga Saji alayil

      This MV deserves 1 billion views

    79. BTS MUSIC_R yu


    80. Valentina Hernandez

      Esta canción es ARTE para mis oídos💌💖

    81. Franciel Encinas

      this song is still one of the best and army's favorite, no one could ever deny that fact.

      1. Coraline

        I liked it from the start and I have grown fonder of it.

      2. Jackassery


      3. Akz🌠

        Yes fav till my last breathe

      4. Joo


      5. Alexandra Markovic

        This is a masterpiece

    82. Jannat Rizwan

      It's crazy how I still listen to this everyday uncountable times for hours 💜💜💜☺️😊 now matter how many songs they came up with this will be my all time fvrt forever...💜💜💜 As yoongi said once:" spring day is like zombie it never gets old...."...he spoke a fact... golden words❤️❤️for master piece song😊💜💜💜

    83. twicenyp

      Knowing what this songs backstory is hurts soo much

      1. 💜ARMY💜


      2. Sohila Hamroush

        Yes I just came to watch the MV again after watching another booktuber explain the story behind it...

    84. 치미

      진짜 이건 언제들어도 감정이입해서 듣게 되는 곡이다..들을때마다 벅차올라..그시절회상하게 되고 막.. 진짜 노래자체가 너무 좋고 감동적이야.,,,너무 많이 들엇다 싶은데도 때되면 다시 찾게되는 곡 뭔지 알지.. 근데 그런노래중에서도 계속생각나고 단연 1등이라고 할 수 잇음..뮤비도 너무 애절하고 예쁘고 배경도 아름답고 파스텔톤에 취저해버림., 2017년 겨울.. 이곡으로 하루하루를 보냄.. 시기안타는 언제들어도 좋은 명곡임.. 그래서 항상 차트인에 잇는건가봐..

    85. diya v

      This song makes me feel some type of way and ik I’ll be connected to this forever.

    86. Septima 7

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      1. BanggBiee Amyy

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      2. Aviral Singh

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      3. Timmyninja


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      5. Maria Therese

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    89. ✨cRaZy FoR mysElF✨

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      1. Carl John Gepullano


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      1. Rozma Idayu Omar


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      3. sumomo Lee


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        @Daan M yeh that's why during live performance he sings RM'S part

      5. Daan M

        Except that hoseok doesn't have any lines (only hidden vocals)

    92. Rocio Lumisaca

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      2. Mingyulovely

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