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    1. Amanda Luawo



        @Niyor Dew can i see the time stamp?

      2. Menuli Peiris

        They are so funny 😂

      3. Amanda Luawo

        @princess it's not late for became a fan of them 😊😊

      4. princess

        They're so funny even though I'm not fan of them but I might become 😂💕

      5. Saha Newaij Ashik

        @himari riku lol why are u everywhere

    2. # rin !

      but the way svt is so supportive to all the artists and kept cheering for them when txt, enhypen and other artists introduced themselves is so sweet :( no wonder svt is loved and respected by their junior artists so much

      1. Snapshoot

        @Robin Skull nahhh yours doesn't even reached 100k listeners

      2. xvii

        Woozi 💋Ruby💋!! All carats pls support and make it #1 in your country yt, spotify, shazam,am, itunes, and music charts !!!

      3. Sid Luz

        @Stan talents Stan comedians Stan svt adoro eles dois

      4. naz ara imi

        Best boys

      5. Akanshha

        hoshi and dk being the loudest xD but we love them too much so does the other artists 💜💎

    3. BangTan Bae

      I died when SVT started chanting “don’t cry!don’t cry!” When Suengkwang’s voice cracked 🤣 Legendary crackheads 🤣

    4. Kpop Chiccc

      Okay can we talk about how supportive seventeen is towards other artists. The way they’re seniors yet have this junior energy around them to make their junior groups more comfortable around them. Humble kings.Truly one of a kind group.

      1. black pearl 🖤

        @Robin Skull congratulations

      2. Robin Skull


      3. Shalini Deetiratne

        @himari riku no one asked you

      4. himari riku


    5. Shalini Deetiratne

      Seventeen is such a humble group. No wonder they are been loved by many juniors and seniors. Happy new year for every hybe artists and staff. Happy new year to everyone.

    6. navi eunhalaxy

      SEVENTEEN is so loud and extra as always. I love them so much lmfao

      1. himari riku


    7. totoro xx

      you can tell why seventeen is so respected amongs fans and other artist!

      1. Stan talents Stan comedians Stan svt

        @Meena Chandna for the full performance, u can try find some links on twt that being shared but some performances also available on KZsection (some carats uploaded it) svt performed 6 songs

      2. Meena Chandna

        @Stan talents Stan comedians Stan svt where can i watch performances

      3. Stan talents Stan comedians Stan svt

        So true! even many non carats praised them after seeing they performed for about 50 mins, the way svt hyped the audiences and many of them said they wanna stan svt :)) proud of them!

    8. KViscop

      Fans can't cheer or scream, so seventeen is doing it for everyone. I love that.

    9. V shelby

      Hoshi : "Horanghae" TXT : "WOHOOO KIYOWOOOO!!!"

      1. Kim In ah

        i think it's mingyu tho

      2. RiRi

        @Juni Blessing i’d be so happy if it is I also thought it’s kai voice But since svt r their seniors I didn’t think they would be themselves and shout like that

      3. Juni Blessing

        @RiRi its kai's voice and he always says that phrase in that tone 🤭 they all work on the same building so txt could think of svt as close hyungs just that we dont know about their interactions

      4. 26nd Blue Hour 27nd Magic Island 28nd FROST

        @RiRi eum yes? I think its hueningkai voice...

      5. RiRi

        Were they txt that shouted?! I think they wouldn’t say that since svt r thier seniors snd no close

    10. Appu 01

      HYBE is really a big and beautiful family where each and every artist genuinely appreciates each other

      1. ImLiterallyHighRN

        @N31M wait ALL hybe artists are in the same building?!?

      2. Junel Tabagan

        @N31M yeah, i think they have a lot of interaction, but they chose it to be private

      3. Laurani L

        @himari riku G dragon in YG 😌

      4. 라따뚜이

        I hope the fans would do the same ❤️

      5. himari riku


    11. 17 ying

      SVT is almost 7 years-old group and they still have that fresh energy, that's why i love them for so longgg

    12. Amelia Caroline

      i love how svt is so loud they cheering for other artists like yes cuties you go boys yall can be the artist and the audience at the same time!

    13. MY,nævis

      As long as HYBE LABELS is around,K-POP will never get boring.

      1. Lejindary Jinius

        @BILLBOARD ik you're a bot, but bts aint even here lmao

      2. clmylucy_

        @Robin Skull Are you being mindfulness crazy? Bad base🐒🏃‍♀️

      3. Jeanine Jackson

        @himari riku cool story bro

      4. heyitsrosie

        It can still be boring

      5. himari riku


    14. D

      SEVENTEEN is like that group who never shut up even if there is one listing down the noisy kids in the class.

    15. [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

      but the way svt is so supportive to all the artists and kept cheering for them when txt, enhypen and other artists introduced themselves is so sweet :( no wonder svt is loved and respected by their junior artists so much

    16. joem ocampo

      when ur a moaengene, but you can't help but laugh at svt cause they are too funny, they are also very supportive to other hybe artists

    17. Koya's Chingu

      What will happen to WeCon if SVT is not there ??? Damn they bring so much energy to everyone. My respect to this group is so high !!!

    18. LadyPipay


      1. Min sou Ah

        oni srani😍

      2. himari riku


      3. jayesh Chauhan

        Happy New year 💕

      4. Robin Skull


      5. nr dea


    19. jeonghan's pet rock

      svt hyping bumzu is just the cutest thing ever 😭 they are so precious please

    20. udiana

      I love how the other artists cheered back to svt when svt introduced themselves. The hosts laughed everytime svt cheered to other artists.

    21. lily aslacio wiese

      Fue un increíble concierto disfrute todas las presentaciones SEVENTEEN HAPPY NEW YEAR

      1. himari riku


    22. Engene Lilly

      Junhui and minghao we miss you guys❤️❤️, hope to see you soonest on stage again, happy new year!😺🐸

    23. Akanshha

      Seventeen literally never cares where there are they'll ALWAYS be themselves, 13:35 SeungKwan messing up the members yelling don't cry and then Mingyu naturally on the ground laughing xD aah i love themm

    24. Louise

      - Woozi's "wooahae" - HueningKai's "귀여워 (cute)" on Hoshi saying "호랑해" ㅠㅠ he's so loud 😂 I hope all hybe artist are complete next year

    25. 전정국 ♡

      i can’t with TXT they’re just a group of 5 but they’re as chaotic as the other group that have more members That’s why i love them sm ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    26. jeonghan's pet rock

      the amount of energy seventeen has every single day is insane, i would be tired and worn out if im with them fr

    27. Tammy Phan

      Thank you for being Seventeen, thank you for all great performances, and thank you for being a part of my youth 💎 I love u 💎 SEVENTEEN

    28. di3forsatoru

      I'm not Fromis9's fan but they're all so pretty omg😭😭😭😭

      1. Belle Reinette

        Seriously they all visuals I didn't know where to look during their performance their all so pretty!!😭

    29. NJS 001

      Did u guys realize how powerful artists line up they have!! HYBE ARTIST DOMINATION

    30. kuyboy Army

      Aku bangga banget liat bighit jadi hybe dan udah segede ini 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

      1. Kiagus Muhamad Ary Iskandar

        @Nda Okto lah, justru awalnya HYBE itu adalah bighit. Bighit mulai akuisisi beberapa agensi dan jadi bighit label, trus mereka rebranding jadi HYBE. Fans yg ngikutin dari sejak cuma ada bts doang pasti ngerti

      2. kuyboy Army

        @Nda Okto salah? Coz setauku sblm jadi hybe label namanya bighit entertainment,, saya tau dari awal gimana bighit smpe skrng berkembang dan jadi makin besar mencakup banyak agency dan berganti nama jadi hybe label? Cmiiw

      3. Kim Hyun ga

        @Nda Okto hybe emang pecahan dr bighit, semenjak branding baru bagian bisnis jadi Hybe (di dlmny ada weverse, Bighit 360° (skrng jd Hybe 360°), Bighit IP (skrng jd Hybe IP) dll) sdngkn bagian musik jadi Bighit music. Bukti paling mudah buat ngeliat itu dr nama Bighit ent di bursa saham yg ganti jadi HYBE corp.

      4. Nda Okto

        Sejak kapan bighit jadi hybe 😅🤣

    31. Shizuka

      Omg I just realized that all the boy group I stan is in Hybe 😅❤❤❤❤❤BTS cause of them I joined Kpop and then TXT cause they debut 2nd group in bighit and then I started staning Enyphen cause of Sunghoon's figure skating and Last SEVENTEEN my love I just started staning them but in short period of time I got closed to them I love them cause of their unbreakable bond they r so precious 🤧I LOVE THEM ALL❤

    32. Maria Elsa Zeballos Dorado

      Seventeen siendo tan ruidosos como siempre, por eso los quiero chicos

    33. thomas william


    34. JimmyJib _yay

      Today's concert was just out of the world....n not just my fav's performance but all artists' performance! I had so much fun and I hope that everyone starts the new year with the same energy all the HYBE artists wished us with!! Wishing Everyone a Healthy and Happy 2022

    35. Sonam Dewang

      Seventeen cheering their hoobaes is everything 😭💘

    36. Ell Hansel

      seventeen is funny without trying 😭 happy new year guys!

    37. howooaranghae

      Love you SEVENTEEN. Let's get this 2022 for SEVENTEEN and CARATs. Cheers to Pledis Fam! Cheers to HYBE Labels! Happy New Year! 🔥🎉

    38. Huening Bahiyyih

      Happy new year to HYBE artists and HYBE fandoms... Lets have a happy 2022!!

    39. rosel carcellar

      I love Hybe family a lot!.... And also I love how supportive seventeen is, specially that since they are the senior but they still make all the juniors feel comfortable and really support then and hype them a lot 😂💕💕

    40. Abdel Nachat

      I love how TXT's and SVT's side is just chaotic

    41. k

      im so happy fromis_9 is under hybe's management now, they deserve the world

    42. Lea

      omg woozi's "wooahae" at 6:00 sooo cuteee HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! SVT AND CARATS!! 💖

    43. joshua castro

      SK cosita🤗, gracias SEVENTEEN por un año de tanto cariño y música para carats!!! Sigamos juntos en 2022, feliz año nuevo a todos

    44. *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*


    45. justin seagull

      svt makes the atmosphere comfortable and i love it🥺💖💖

    46. Varideas Fit Idea

      Happy to see all of them here, hopefully the next one will be full roster including Nuest and BTS and many more artist 😍🥰

    47. dintadelin

      Happy new year everyone!!! I love how Seventeen is being so loud and cheering the other artists. I love them so much! Thank you Weverse Con for a great new years eve concert!!! 🔥🔥🔥

      1. himari riku


      2. BILLBOARD

        *BTS* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 5k Likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE OU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS.

    48. Thank you Seventeen for the great performance!!!

    49. Amna

      So happy to see SEVENTEEN performing. Happy new year SVT and all HYBE artists🎊🎉.

    50. Reeth

      Thank you Seventeen for everything that you did in 2021!!!! My love for you keeps growing more and more!!! You make all carats so proud!! Also thanks for being the life of the party in weverse con!!! HORANGHAE 🐯💎🐯💎

    51. Karina

      Love how it gets messier as the more senior the group is. Happy New Year! For another year with all of you.

    52. Jinsonyeondan

      Still waiting for ALL Hybe artists including the upcoming groups to come together. Collabs, performances, interactions , behind the scenes footage. We need them all to be present in the year end concert. Hybe please make it happen this year!

    53. KViscop

      HYBE family is so sweet. The way they support each others.

    54. Jorge

      It started with Seventeen cheering on their juniors during their intros and ended with their juniors cheering them on during Seventeens intro

    55. Darklyzzz_

      Seventeen çok tatlııı. Onlari cok seviyorum. Umarım 2022 yılı hem Seventeen hemde Caratlar için harika bir yıl olur 💕💕💕

    56. egg tarts

      this just screams family i dont even know if they're close but the way they are hyping every other group is so precious

    57. kov sukiochi

      the way seventeen cheering and supporting other artists 🥺🥺

    58. saltysierrena (serena)

      It makes me so happy to see many HYBE artists together

    59. Ariany

      thank you hybe thank you seventeen thank you kpop love you all the best

    60. Mariela Fernandez

      Feliz año para todos y gracias por todo y tanto HYBE LABELS.

      1. D.p.hiyyih❤

        @himari riku nose cual es tu obsecion con gdragon y como mierda te encuentro en todos lados poniendo lo mismo 🙂

      2. 𝐀𝕣𝐢𝕟

        @himari riku ?

      3. himari riku


    61. قناة الرعب The horror


    62. 윤쫑

      세븐틴 올해도 캐럿들이랑 함께 건강하고 재밌게 보내자!!! 항상 너무 고마워 사랑해❤️ 새해 복 많이 받아🍀

    63. Amee Ki

      I love how they all are hyping up and cheering for each other. May this year be peaceful, fruitful, and fulfilling! Fighting, everyone! Let's conquer this year!!!

    64. Mariam Rizan

      It's amazing that half this world is connected by kpop, it's like I know you guys personally

      1. Mariam Rizan

        @Rahma but I know you, you're the girl who buys pizza for us in negombo noh?

      2. Rahma

        @Mariam Rizan who your cousin i don't know u

      3. Mariam Rizan

        @Rahma yes. You're my cousin

      4. callmecai


      5. Rahma

        U know meeeeeee really 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 just kidding

    65. SitiHenfny channel (✨Kpop idol is real✨)

      HYBE LABELS is always with Kpop and they will never get boring or sad Love you 😘💕

    66. Yến Linh

      i love the fact that Hoshi so loud but still got shy when doing Horanghae XD a~~~~ so cute

    67. Syifa Fauziah Ramadhani

      I love how they cheer for each other, still missing who not here tonight but I so exiteeed

    68. 100k challenge with 0 video

      All the kindness of our planet lives in Hybe Labels's heart. All he's doing for planet is PRICELESS.

    69. Pars

      As long as HYBE LABELS is around, K-POP will never get boring.

    70. Ryna Dewi

      What a beauty!!! Our fromis_9 fighting for your comeback!! Nagyung ❤

    71. ENHA


    72. たいやき

      ENHYPEN Happy New Year. The performances of all the artists were excellent

    73. 세린

      내가 보려고 만드는 타임라인 6:35 엔하이픈 8:02 ♡ TXT ♡ 9:28 범주님 10:11 Dawn 10:48 프로미스나인 12:10 ♡ 이현님 ♡ 12:57 세븐틴

      1. iamchewy.

        감사해요 ♡

    74. Nancy Kim🐇

      Gracias por todo HYBE LABELS Happy 2022 a todos sus artistas se les ama mucho, a todos los fandoms tambien y De corazon espero tengan un excelente año y una buena vida

    75. andeng studies

      Hybe is a powerful company imagine if there are no fan wars within each group. I hope everyone gets well with one another. I believe in Hybe domination!

    76. Trente Trois

      Glad to see SEVENTEEN💓💓, stay felt quite different to see SEVENTEEN as part of Hype😭

    77. tetesoobin

      Todo mundo é tão fofo torcendo um pelo outro, que amor 😭 Meu txt foi adorável como sempre 💙

    78. Selvia Wulandari

      Thank you seventeen and carat for 2021 Coupranghae, hannihae, hongranghae ,junranghae, horanghae, wonranghae, wooahae, 8ranghae, gyuranghae, doahae, kwanranghae, nonranghae, chanranghae. Carats saranghae

    79. Pars

      It's so amazing to see all these HYBE artists come together. Happy New Year everyone!

    80. Mohammad Lateef

      Happy New Year...Hybe Labels Artists,Staff,CEO....and everyone who is working in Hype Labels


      I really enjoyed with concert !!!! Hybe thank you! Each artists was lit 🔥 happy new achievement for hybe artist in this new year !!! Thank all

      1. BILLBOARD

        *BTS* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 5k Likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE OU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS.

    82. kelaaa

      Happy new year to the Hybe family ... But especially for my TXT guys I love you have a prosperous year 2022 💓

    83. Trisha Lee

      Did you all notice that these artist are so talented i mean PURE TALENT, that’s hybe!!!, that’s their company that’s their family full of talents they have *PRODUCER* , *UNDERGROUD* *RAPPER* , *BBOY* *DANCER* , *STREET* *DANCER* , *CONTEMPORARY* *DANCER* , *FIGURE* *SKATER* , *POWER* *HOUSE* *VOCALS* , *THEY* *HAVE* *DONATION* *ANGELS* (esp BTS), *EXPERT* *OF* *FAN* *SERVICES* (like they really dedicate and focus on their fans), *GREAT* *SPEAKERS* or should i say they have namjoon who almost run as president* , *full of visuals* , IT PROVES THAT THEY DON’T ONLY HAVE A FACE TO BE BIG,FAMOUS,VIRAL OR SO WHAT EVER. THEY HAVE THESE ASPECTS WHERE YOU CAN ONLY SEE ON HYBE. SOME COMPANY EVEN LIE THAT THEY PRODUCE THAT OR THEIR ARTIST PRODUCE THAT EVENTHOUGH NOT OR WE DONT EVEN SEE THEY PRODUCE THAT(they just credit) even big companies plagarise(txt experience that,when that big company stole their song but bighit didn’t even make it big or make it public but they handle it privately and respectfully that they just make sure to make or put the name credit of pdogg in their song credits) and some groups only hsvd visuals.

    84. Sunghoonsponytail


    85. hello hello

      Swear a loyal Army, but seventeen… stop it boys!so sweet taking care of everyone. They’re such a supportive sunbae 🙆🏻‍♀️

    86. capucinem

      thank you seventeen for this amazing year!! may 2022 be an even better year for all 13 members and all carats. love you fam

      1. Reeth


      2. Marwan gemar_ مروان جيمر

    87. Vicky Vira

      Thanks to all Hybe Artists that’s incredible performance. Happy New Year 2022 to all Hybe’s Artists, staff and Fandoms

    88. 김tulip

      I'm so happy to see HYBE Artists together. Happy New Year!!

    89. Jeanine Jackson

      Happy New Year Hybe artist and staff and to every fandom who as supported their favs💜

    90. Soumya Singh

      Happy New year everyone....i really respect and love seventeen and wish best to every hybe artist 😁

    91. Khumbar Debbarma

      It's so amazing to see them together I hope to see all the HYBE artists next year together 🤍🤍 Happy new year 🤍🤍

      1. Kim taetae taehyung vssi

        BTS & NUEST absent.. ✌️

      2. 유나이티드애즈원

        @Muhd khairan Of course

      3. Muhd khairan

        @유나이티드애즈원 dont forget zico

      4. 유나이티드애즈원

        Lee Hyun, Bumzu, Nu'est, BTS, Seventeen, Fromis 9, Tomorrow X Together, Enhypen, Dvwn and the future and upcoming groups for 2022-23 (Ador NGG, Belift Lab NGG, Sssamkura's group, Hybe Japan NBG, Big Hit Music NBG) will be altogether.

      5. himari riku


    92. Riza

      Happy new year SEVENTEEN. To more memories with you my 13 diamonds.

    93. -SOFFY-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      Happy New Year to everyone of HYBE, to all the groups and singers, you made a great year of 2021. KEEP IT UP IN 2022!!! All the best!!! Tudo de bom pra vocês

    94. Fatimah

      sookai's headbonk was so funny, our gums always attached


      We love you ENHYPEN.. you did great today and was amazing and best performance... ENHYPEN ENGENEs forever

    96. sinkpop

      Why HBYE artists all are so talented!!!

    97. Valeria Zepeda

      Fue un concierto increíble, todos sus artistas lo hicieron excelente. FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!!!! ヾ(•ω•`)o

    98. Ankit 7

      Engene, moa, carat, flovers, all coming together under 1

    99. ronette benito

      SVT were so loud but Hoshi was loudest. 🤣🤣🤣 Horanghae. 🐯🐯🐯 I'm proud at Jake, he's really improving and to Yeonjun as well and all the artists that performed here.

    100. RoMz

      the way hybe artists hype each other so much, love them